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Horizon Worlds - Unable to install

Level 2

I have had now 4 Meta reps trying to fix the issue where Horizon Worlds still says coming soon. Is there any way that the app can just be sideloaded from Meta's end on my headset? They have tried every type of troubleshooting, from simple logging out of my profile, ensuring that I am set up to US - English, adding the program to waitlist, and wait for 3 days, and finally to fully factory resetting my Oculus Quest 2 and wait 3 additional days. The last note I received from support was:  At the moment, we do not have any further troubleshooting available that would help in this matter. We are aware of the amount of users that are facing limitations to have access to the app, and we are working on surpassing this matter as soon as possible. 


I'm trying not to be frustrated, but it's a little difficult when I know that the program SHOULD work, and it's not allowing it to even download. and now the ticket I submitted I was informed is being closed, without a resolution..


I know there are multiple people with this issue, but I do not see why we are all having this issue. Are there people recently that have been able to get Horizon Worlds without a hitch? if so, what is the secret... 


Level 4

Hi they are reading from a script. They haven't a clue how it works. You need to remove the Facebook account you have linked to meta account. Then make a new Facebook and add that to your meta account. Refresh meta store and then you will be able to download it. I've had the same experience with customer service I've told them how to get it working regardless of what they say. Try it! I promise this will work for you 

Thank you. THANK YOU!! Yes it did indeed work on the 2nd account. Not sure why they can't provide this solution. I still think it's comical that when I try and link the 2 accounts and share content, horizon isn't one of the things I can "share" across accounts.

I know exactly. And you get keep all same stuff like avatar games and friends all to the new account without losing anything. And tbh i prefered my orignal facebook not to be apart of meta account at all. Glad this worked for you