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How do I delete refunded games still showing up as "Unknown Sources" on my headset device storage??

Level 2
I was refunded for two games, which then the apps they should.  The problem is those games took up 10.77 gigs of space and when I look on my device storage I now have 10.77 gigs being used under "unknown sources" which I can't access. It's obviously those two games still showing up on my hard drive, but I have no way to physically see the app any longer to click delete.  How do I remove this?  Have reached out to tech support twice and they have not been able to give me a proper solution.  HELP!!!  Thanks in advance.

Level 2
It's sad that you haven't received a response in 9 days.  If you haven't fixed it already, I think I'd just reset the Oculus back to factory and set it up again, since it doesn't take very long.  That's the only work around I can think of.

Level 9
You may be able to do it via sidequest ?
You can pretty much remove anything else.

Level 2
I did do a sidequest - and was able to remove one game.  But the other is still hidden even beyond that.  So it's still about 8 gigs of hardrive space just wasted.  Kind of ridiculous.  And this seems to be a pretty standard issue for people as I've learned.  So if you are going to ask for a refund, it seems you need to delete the game before doing so otherwise it can get lost in this limbo of not showing up (even in sidequest) but using valuable hard drive space.  #waste

Level 2
Yes, having the exact same issue at the moment. Did not delete the game before refunding, now it's just unlisted but still installed.