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How do you capture video in 360 degrees from the game?

Level 2
Can you please tell me how to make a 360 degree video from the game?
Who knows taken aback in detail this process of creation.
I would be very grateful to those who help ๐Ÿ™‚

Level 8
You can't.
All processing power is just enough to get front view of VR image in headset. You need a lot more to get 360 view in all direction. No current hardware could do this.

Developers could record all actions in VR game and then run very slow render mode for every frame afterwards.

Level 3

Actually it is possible now to capture 360 video from game directly and in real time. 

D3DGear is developing a new technology that is capable to capture VR 360 video from game directly in real time while users are  playing a game. 

You can take a look this youtube channel, it has some sample VR 360 videos that captured from game directly, enjoy!

You can contact D3DGear ( if you need more information.