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How does Job Simulator decide on the layout of the play area?

Level 8
The other day I received my third Touch sensor, I quickly set it up and immediately bought/ran Job Simulator. I was happy, I got a decent sized restaurant with things behind me and room to walk a couple feet, nice room scale stuff. Today I decided to take my time to really maximize my touch area, and managed to get a larger area - but now when I run Job Simulator, I get a tiny kitchen without room to walk and nothing behind me. It's like it decided I only had a standing 180 degree setup, kinda claustrophobic ๐Ÿ™‚ Any idea what's up?

Level 7
Were you under the impression that it should be larger ?

Unfortunately there aren't any games (to my knowledge) that scale your in game area with your Guardian/play area arrangement.

You could have an air plane hangar sensor tracked and the kitchen would still be small.

Level 8
Job Simulator does, the developers first designed it for a large room-scale area, then went to a lot of effort to make it work great for everyone, creating multiple layouts for their different games for different layouts. Like I said, when I first played the game I had a larger area, with a couple feet to walk from side to side to be able to reach everything, complete with 360 degree interactions (things behind you to interact with), then when I played today, it was a standing-room-only area with 180 degree interactions.

But I fixed it, I think it might be the sideways space that matters most for that game or something. Regardless, I adjusted my sensors to give me an even larger area, and then made sure the Rift's center was facing the widest edge so my VR area is wider than longer. And now Job Simulator is back to having a nice large area with 360 degree interactions.

Level 7
That's not quite what I am speaking about. I mean the applications do not dynamically adjust, adapt or draw the game world play area to align with yours 1:1

However some will scale up or down the overall interactive area based upon a preset, such as small, medium, large etc. as you've now discovered.

Level 12
It also only uses a fixed shape.
If you have a rectangular space it will only use a square of it I believe
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Level 9
Maybe running room setup again will works, but for me its imposible to do the room scale setup in SteamVR, I choose stand position and Guardian.
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Level 5
I know this is an old post, but it comes up when I google this issue.. So I'm gonna bump it.
I too am noticing this issue with Job Simulator on Oculus Home. Tho I haven't bought the SteamVR version to check if this happens in that one too.
No matter how large I make my guardian area, Job Sim only ever gives me the smallest in-game play-space. And I've got a relatively large 3 camera setup, and have even used Guardian Boundry Editor to make the space even bigger to test this..
So I dono how much space they expect people to have, before it starts adjusting, or if they just locked the Oculus version to the smallest play-space, because it used to be a stationary standing experience..
When I compare my experience with what I see in other people's Job Sim videos, something just doesn't seem to be working right.. I seem to have at least as large a tracking space as they do, yet I'm seeing a smaller in-game layout. ๐Ÿ˜•

Level 2
Same issue here. If you open the control box at the beginning and turn on spectator mode, you'll see it defaults to a small play area, regardless of your play area. I Sent them an email, and they claim they are aware of it and are fixing it, received the email last Wednesday.