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How to get games/apps outside of Oculus Home or SteamVR running?

Level 2
Greetings everyone!

Yes, noob-question incoming. Well, apparently it's because my CV1 arrived yesterday (and I'm VERY excited). 🙂 

Everything works fine in Oculus Home or SteamVR. But how do I get demos/games from external sources running, like that Lava-Rollercoaster-demo or the UE4Rollercoaster? I've read something about that "DirectToRift"-thingy. Or "Extended Desktop"-mode. The Lava-Demo comes with a DirectToRift.exe - the UE4Rollercoaster does not. Both are not shown inside my Rift but on my Win10-Desktop instead (2-monitor-setup having UltraMon running). Tried it via the Desktop-Mode in SteamVR but then I only see my 2 monitors in the SteamVR-environment, not getting a fullscreen of the demos in the Rift.

So do I have to first install some weird dev-tools or other drivers to get it working? And how to enable that "Extended Desktop"-mode?