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How to transfer a drive with VR games/apps to a new rig - so you don't have to download them again

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Just got a new rig, and wasn't happy about the thought of having to download all my games and apps again - I have about 6 TB of VR games and apps. Oculus provided some help here:


"To backup the content you’ve downloaded:


  1. Close the Oculus app.
  2. Find the folder you downloaded the Oculus app to (example: C:\Program Files\Oculus).
  3. Copy the Software folder and then back it up to a new directory.


To restore the content you’ve downloaded:


  1. Move the contents of the Software folder you backed up into the Oculus app folder (contents should include 5 folders).
    • If you did not change the directory during setup, the Oculus app folder remains as C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software.
    • If you changed the directory during setup, move the contents into the folder you chose.
  2. Open the Oculus App.
  3. Select Settings in the left menu.
  4. Select the Beta tab and click Restart Oculus."


- but it did not work, also I did not have the 5 folders described. Fortunately no reason to worry. Just keep your games on the old drive - and now put it in the new rig. 

Start the Oculus desktop app - and add a new location by finding the old location on the drive, and select it. Now the location will automatically be scanned and all apps and games will be detected - you do not need to copy any folders, so just forget about the above guide from Oculus, which no longer seems relevant. 


Btw, Steam works the same. Just install Steam on the new rig, move over old drives, and add the locations of your old libraries to Steam - now Steam will automatically scan the new libraries and add all games and apps. Extremely easy. 


Now, after Oculus had detected more than 100 games and apps, I got tons of errors about games not being correctly installed. But it seems some downloading was going on in the background. I left the rig for some minutes and later restarted the rig. To my great surprise all the games and apps now one by one got correctly installed. I guess the Oculus software had downloaded extra software in the background to run the games. 


Saved games may be another story. Many are placed in the Win 10 user Documents folder - and many under the user AppData folder. So make a copy of these. Some save games will be cloud saved, but many will not. 


Happy gaming 



PS. Be careful with games installed in a Win 10 AppData folder on an old drive you've just transferred to a new rig. I had one large AppData folder and it was lost. I could not get access to it, could not even get permission to delete it. Quite annoying. When changing permissions so I could get access to the AppData folder content, I kept getting some error and still could not delete it (spent a few hours trying to fix it, but nothing worked). 

Ended up having to format that drive - but had 400GB I first had to transfer to a new drive, then format the drive to get rid of the AppData folder, and then copy back the 400GB. That took quite some time. No idea why MS has to secure the AppData folder like this, incredibly annoying! - So you might have to redownload all Microsoft Store games, not sure these can be transferred. But Oculus and Steam games/apps are incredibly easy to transfer to a new rig. My advice would be to uninstall all games in any AppData folder before transferring a drive to a new rig. 2c. 

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Thank you for useful tips!