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I cannot connect with my friends on beatsaber, wifi problem.

Level 2

Beatsaber wont work trying to connect to my friends, only my grandma's wifi works.

  1. I tried port forwarding the port but I couldn't find a port.
  2. I tried my phone wifi
  3. I checked every version; beatsaber-to-software version.
  4. My grandma and me have Suddenlink as a provider.
  5. Its regular beatsaber; not modded.
  6. I sometimes load into a black screen, only for my friends say they see me on the ground with no arms.
  7. I also sometimes get a connection error. CTR-3 I think.

Please help me with my problem, and thanks in advance!




Level 12

do you have a 5g or wifi 6 router?


Also make sure no firwalls on your router are activated.

Level 2

 whats your modem router ?