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I change my email address and password but can't find my games

Level 2
I recently purchased a used Quest with several games. I used it for a few days before I change to my email and password.  The first time I put on my head set I couldn't find any of the games that came with the Quest.  How do I find all the games that was there under the old email account and password before I change it?

Level 7
Games are attached to the account, not the headset. If you log in with a brand new account, you will have to re-buy the games for that new account. 

Level 2
If I change my email address and password does that mean that I have made a new account?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
How did you change the email? Did you go to your profile and click on Edit next to the email address? Is the account name still the same as it was?
If not, you may have made a new account instead.
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