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I want to move my seat in Amazon Prime VR theater

Level 2

Hi all,


Is there a way to change what seat you're sitting in the Amazon Prime VR movie theater? I'm on an Oculus Quest 2. I made the screen as small as I could and it's still too big for me to watch comfortably. I'd like to 'move' to the back of the theater, the way you can in Bigscreen, but I can't find an option to do so.


Is there a way to do it? Thanks for any help!


Level 15

@SarahB1963  maybe try moving you head forward and hit/hold the right controller oculus button to re-centre yourself to that position.  Then physically move back.  See if this helps.  Personally I don't have much of a problem with even the 2nd largest screen.  Certainly the smallest one is well inside my view with my Q2.


Likewise, I guess you could try shifting yourself forward before starting up the Prime VR app.

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