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Instrument Studio VR Launches on the Oculus Store for Rift and Rift S on 3rd December 19.

Level 5
Instrument Studio VR Official Launch Trailer -

The world's first complete virtual reality recording studio - includes all the instruments and equipment you need to make a record.

Learn, play, jam, record and compose music - then mix and produce CD audio quality tracks. Piano compositions are saved as scores for printing later.

Instruments and recording studios are expensive and require a lot of space - these barriers to becoming a musician are disappearing.
Our mission is to make playing music and making records affordable, accessible and enjoyable.

Instruments can be played fast, with low latency, and have dynamic responses in tone and volume. Matching dynamic haptics lets you feel every note, to be as expressive as you want.

Recording made easy with a choice of 3 methods - manual, timed or voice control.

Highest quality audio samples used throughout, to give a polished Studio sound

Customizable - Load your own drum, keyboard, loop samples.
                          - Display your own songs/chords/lyrics or pictures.

Imagine never having to carry and set up equipment, or breaking strings, or not falling out with the singer over who pays the studio fees!

Just a VR headset with 6dof head and hand tracking required.

Launching first on the Oculus Store for Rift and Rift S on 03 December 2019.
We will be developing versions for the Valve Index, and going Wireless for the Oculus Quest and Vive Cosmos soon after!

SkyWatcherVR Team -
3 musicians from the same part of town in Downpatrick, Co Down, that played together in their first bands. 30 years later, get back in touch to pioneer playing music in virtual reality.
The drive is to get new people into learning and playing musical instruments, one of life's most fulfilling things to do.
The journey is only starting, we plan to bring the app to all suitable VR headsets, and to improve the app as new hardware evolves (particularly 5 fingers and foot tracking).

Paul is the lead, a musician, fixer and thinker who decided to try and learn some game development. In March 2017 he started trying to make a VR drum-kit, got carried away and couldn't stop, the result being a whole recording studio simulated in VR.

Kenny and Carl, audio specialists, are from platinum selling Irish band Relish. They have had top10 hits in many countries, 50 musician session credits inclding Paul Weller, co-wrote Grammy nominated soundtrack for "Singstreet", and now also produce for and Manage Sinead O'Connor. Notable fans of Relish include U2 and Brian May of Queen among others.
Check out Relish -

Made by musicians for musicians.

Unleash the rock-star within!

News Article UploadVR -
Video Review -

Thanks To -
Oculus Start Program for their hardware sponsorship, excellent support and giving us great encouragment. Special thanks to Rita Turkowski, NinjaGG and missing you CyberReality.
All early testers -  with special thanks to @Brixmis, @Lordofshred and @SimonSays for both testing and recording samples.
Musicians - Relish, Charlie McGettigan, Lowden and others.
Other developers for their great advice and testing - Drash, Wormslayer, ElaDarling, SkarredGhost, Steve Hinnan and Mike Armstrong.
Ciaron Davies - Loosegrip films.

Early Preview Video - (10mins)

Follow on Twitter for latest updates -

Web -

Discord - SkyWatcherVR

Subscribe YouTube - SkyWatcherVR

Contact for further info or early access requests:


Level 15
Really interested in this after playing around with Soundstage briefly.

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.

Level 5
 Hey @Shadowmask72
Soundstage was my inspiration to learn some VR development, and in making my app ::smile:

Level 9
I love music, I tried so many software to produce my own but I found none that was easy to use (I have great ears, but barely any knowledge in Music Theory xD).

I like what I see here. But I really hope you planned more instruments (aside from the user-generated content) and found a way to use several fingers per arm (especially for the piano ; for now it seems we have just two fingers per arm... we could record the right hand part with those four fingers, and then the left hand with the same fingers, but it doesn't seem really practical...).

I'm really looking forward to this!
Hyped for the Quest 2!

My hopes for VR next gen:
- Full Body Tracking. Come on, Oculus!
- Eye tracking with foveated rendering. Must reduce the power needs!
- More big-scale games. I need a true VRMMORPG!
- Bigger community.

"If you don't mind, do you want me to take you there? Where dreams come true."

Level 5
Thanks @LuluViBritannia, you don't really need to know any music theory, just play, it will tell you which note you have played. On the piano, your piano score can be recorded and printed later, so you don't need to know composition or piano notation.
We only have 2 fingers per hand for this version, but will be working on 5 finger for Quest soon, it's only the start of the journey ::smile:

"But I really hope you planned more instruments (aside from the user-generated content)" - don't really understand this one.We do hope to bring other instruments strings and brass. You can load your own user samples too!