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Is Feral Rites worth the hefty $50 price tag? Sadly, it's probably not..

Level 3
Just thought I'd share my first impressions on the newly released Feral Rites from Insomniac. I'd love to hear what you think of the game so far too if you have it! Also, any video feedback is greatly appreciated as well.

Level 5
I have done 6 hours on it so far and I would say no its not worth it its very repative and shows you were all hidden iteams are so there is no real exploring to do.

Level 3
id totally agree, the core gameplay mechanic just isnt good enough to keep me interested for very long..

Level 8
This and the ridiculous price proves every VR game should have some form of time limited demo available. The company line that because VR is cutting edge tech we have to pay premium for it has worn too thin.

Level 7
Generally they are charging way too much for games... just bought the wingsuit game hoping for some good fun... it's ONE level and the graphics are completely unimpressive. Also 10 bucks for the dino walk? That crap should be completely free. I regret paying the 40+ prices I've done so far and won't continue to make that mistake.

Level 9
I'd really like to experience it in VR somehow and get a small feel for it before sinking $50 - it definitely could be worth it for me, but some VR experiences are far better then you can tell from 2d screenshots, and some are far worse.

For example, I didn't expect Blaze Rush to be very good - and I was wrong, it is awesome and really well done in VR. That was less risky though because I got it on sale for $5.

I'd love to see a short demo version of Feral Rites or at least some kind of VR experience for it for free. Remember back in the day when they talked about Oculus Home offering VR like experiences/environments for products? That will be pretty cool and also help consumers make better purchasing decisions.

Level 4
its not worth 9.99 . this game is sooo boring...

Level 3
Yeah I agree, Oculus Home needs to be updated so badly. Im expecting something from OC3, they had better knock it out of the park.

Level 7
WE WANT DEMOS! or a return policy!
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Level 7
I stopped buying games for the sake of it!..need something solid and the kinda game i like needs hand controllers, so kinda screwed at the moment