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Kingdom Come: Deliverance to support the Rift!

Level 3
Check this game out on kickstarter:
Look like this will be super epic game with the Rift with crafting minigames, huge battles, castle sieges and more : )

Level 2
Looks veeeery "Skyrimi" at times. But thats not a bad thing 😉

If they manage to make the combat system and the story good and interesting this could turn out pretty great.

I will keep an eye on that game for sure.
Just the idea of an large scale medieval battle in the rift makes me hope that they can pull it off 😄

Level 3
Yeah, imagine standing there on the battlefield with arrows raining down or standing on a wall and see the siege towers and armies approaching below, epic! : )

Level 2
Well I wasn't going to back it when I saw the Dec. 2015 date, even though it looked cool. I just don;t have the patientce for that, I don;t know where I'm going to be in 2 years! But then I saw the alpha comes out in 6 months, so I hoped on board, even though I'm guessing that the alpha will be a couple months late and also not have Oculus support yet. Oh well!

Level 5
I contacted them through Kickstarter and got a pretty non-committal answer regarding VR support. They basically said they will work on making it good for VR after it gets consumer acceptance, that its too soon for them to make design decisions.

If it works at all at launch I would expect Hawken-level support.

Not applicable
I backed this project because I would play it even if VR support doesn't come. We need more variety in the RPG space. I don't like how they worded that VR just comes with the engine. That gives me no faith that the scale and gameplay will work with VR.

I really want to see a project of this scale that is targeted ONLY for VR. I know it is really too early for that as there isn't enough customer base yet with only the devkits out, but I would definitely back something like that for a significantly higher amount than the standard game.