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Level difference between player takes out the fun (dead in 2 seconds)

Level 2

I am a player on Population One from the start and enjoy the  game very much. I am a reasonable midrange player.
The thing is that there are more and more outstanding player who will kill me in de blink of an ey. You peek around a corner and a sniper kills you with one shot. In a man to man battle you're wasted in 2 seconds. Now you can see who kills you it becomes clear, they have more than 8000 kills and damage above a million. 

This takes the fun out of the game, also for startes who don't get a change to practice.  My suggestion is to introduce a factor in the way the damage calculated. There are many options but a good and simple one is to split the players' damage on each other and use that factor to reduce the impact of the hit on shield/life. The better player will proberbly still win but give the lesser player a standing change.