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Lone Echo 2 bug in sidequest.

Level 2

I nearly finished all sidequests before doing the main ending but it seems i'm stuck in a controlroom of a loading bay


Here you need to remove 3 ticks (which i did) and then you open the bay doors for a drone.
Then when I want to get out of the control room but the airlock buttons won't work. 

I can slide them all i want but they wont respond


Any suggestions?


Level 2

I think I've run into the same issue. Except I cant remove one of the ticks because it spawned inside of the drone. Restarting/ dying does not help. 

Level 2

I've got the exact same issue. I can cycle the inner door (the one near the control room) but the outer door just won't open. Sliding the switch works, but releasing it just makes it go back to the default position with no door interaction.

Level 2

Did anyone find a solution? I’m having the same problem…

I ended up getting it to work by just trying over and over to slide the door lock. As it was returning to the original position, I grabbed it again and slid it to the end, and that eventually worked.