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Lone Echo II launches August 24

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It is a Rift exclusive game, but supports Quest via Link/Airlink.


From today until the launch, Lone Echo 1 is reduced to $9.99us.


Lone Echo was a great game, I can't wait for the sequel.

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@TomCgcmfc wrote:

while it's impossible to get perfect blacks with the Q2, it is far from the grey's and blotches (except for the odd compression artifacts) that some users report here and at reddit imho.  


another example of how good the Q2 lcd panels are imho and how wireless WH is so much nicer to play sitting on my swivel chair rather than worrying about a cable.


Agreed on both counts. I think that black levels tend to get tied too closely to the hardware at times, which might be why some of those users blamed their unit. But those of us who have been tinkering in VR from the CV1 release (or prior with the Demo Kits) are aware that Software plays a huge role in both Black Levels and Glare.


I still remember when Oculus released a huge update to the Rift, which reduced the initial Glare it had at launch, while having mixed results with its impact on Black Levels. Most games ended up having reduced glare and maintained the same black levels as before the update. But some games were negatively impacted, and the black levels became the ugly grey blotches we hear about from time to time.


One such game was, Eve Gunjack.


I loved Eve Gunjack, and completed it start to finish when it was first released (2016?). But after that big Rift software update for Glare reduction, the entire "black outer space" background in Eve Gunjack looked quite terrible. It was grey and blotchy everywhere, and made the game rather unplayable for me.


The hardware hadn't changed; the problem was entirely software.


My experience with Quest 2 and black levels has been great. I have shared many of those screenshots here as well, with games like Star Wars Squadrons and Affected the Manor. The black levels were near perfect.


Lastly, the freedom from cables really is amazing. Even with a good cable management system, any drastic movements would result in some "tugging" of the HMD, which is very immersion breaking. It doesn't matter how good the sound quality or visuals, if your HMD gets moved while in VR then immersion is broken.  Even the feel and sound of the cable moving is immersion breaking.


I didn't realize how distracting the cable is until Quest 1. Although Quest 1 had its own immersion breaking issues for me due to the heavy weight. I couldn't enjoy Quest 1 for longer than a few minutes. But Quest 2 has done an amazing job of getting the weight down enough to tolerable levels.


I am excited to see what comes next in the world of Stand-Alone VR HMDs. Hopefully Valve will release something that forces Oculus to step up their game. We need a strong Quest competitor, and Valve is poised to do it.

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Just saw the blog post about Lone Echo 2 and came here to post about it, only to find I'm two days late. Anyway, great news! I think I too will revisit Lone Echo with my Quest 2 to experience it with higher res, better clarity, and greater freedom of movement.


Congrats to the fine folks at RAD for finally getting this game to the finish line!

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Just popped into the game and spent some time floating around in outer space... Boy, does this game ever look nice on the Quest 2 screen!


I got a bit of stuttering a couple times, because I had it set to 1.5x in-game resolution (from when I last played on CV1), and my Link res was set to 4128x2096, so probably pushing my GTX 1080 a little too hard. Dropping the in-game res to 1.25x seemed to work well enough, and still looked stunning.


I was playing over tethered Link and seated, so of course I ended up swivelling my chair and bashing my controllers into my desk... I'll have to switch back to AirLink next time and play in a different room where I can move around more freely.


Anyway, it felt good to get back into an Echo chassis and fly around again, and I'm even more excited for LE2 now!

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