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Looking for friendly adults to play Township Tale with

Level 3

Hey there folks - I’m a 43 year old woman who started playing a Township Tale several weeks ago.  My biggest problem is that I have no friends.  😞


I am hoping to find some mature,  friendly folks (those who’s natural inclination is to help and protect others other players vs killing and stealing from them) to start a new server with, so we can benefit from working together as a team and just have more fun, as we get to know one another.


if interested, please respond below and send me a friend request.  My Township Tale name is Psykofrog.


If this is a futile way to go about this, then I’m open to suggestions as well.  The more specific you can be about web links and instructions, the more I thank you and appreciate the help as well.


Level 2

I'm interested in joining your team. I will send a friend request through the game.

Level 2

I added you. If you still have the game, I'm sure you've got it figured out. Pass me some knowledge, please. 🙂

Oculus Support
Oculus Support

Cool! I've let this one slip through the cracks since it's multiplayer. I mostly play single player games to avoid the usual "less than favorable" stuff that happens in multiplayer games. (Looking at you, shared loot system and KS'ers... 😑)


How do you all feel about the game? Is it something a solo player may enjoy? What are some of the cool things you can do?

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Trooper.

So far I've been by myself because of the reasons you mentioned. The game is playable solo, but it's a grind for sure. I try to visit the "Tutorial Island" to find adults to play with on my server. That way if they cause problems I can ban them from the server. It's an awesome game with plenty to do. So far my favorite is blacksmithing.

Interesting, I'll look a bit more into it. Probably check some YouTube videos and all that, then see about giving it a download. 😁


I'm currently looking for something less intense and more relaxed than Elden Ring. Got stuck in that one pretty early on, and after several hundred hours, I think I'm finally hitting some burnout lol

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Trooper.