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Matrix (the white room), Tron - is there anything like this?

Level 2
Hello there!

When I get my Oculus or Vive next year I want to surprise my girlfriend with a plethora of interesting games or demos. "Sit down, wear this headset - now relax!" - and then the trip begins. Not only for her pleasure, but for mine also, of course. For this moment I'm looking for some specific games or demos. Maybe you can point to something out there.

1. Best start would be a demo starting in a white room. Like this scene in The Matrix.

You see only your body and white space. Then suddenly the white fades away and you find yourself in a dreamworld. Or on top of a skycraper. Anything like this. This must be an overwhelming experience for someone new to VR. Is there anything like it already?

2. Today I saw the Proton Pulse game on YouTube. Arkanoid-style. Like it.

Reminds me a bit of Tron. A Tron-like universe would be nice. Please tell my that some devs are working on such a world already. 😉

Other recommendations appreciated. 🙂


Level 12
I have not played this for quite a while. They have no plans for updating to the latest runtimes and I am not sure if you could run an old SDK with the new consumer headset.

Edit: Just checked the links are dead. Anybody have a copy?

I would imagine it would be fairly simple now for people to create this kind of experience in Unreal now it has the VR plugin. You just need to get hold of the matrix models.

Tron Light cycles is on the share but again its pre 6 SDK so whether they will continue to develop after it goes consumer is probably unlikely. As these are fan tributes and therefore not commercially attractive.

** Cyber is somebody checking the share and that the applications are still live in it?

Level 9
Have you tried the 'Surge' demo? I don't think they updated it to the latest runtime, but it was awesome on the 0.6 runtime.

'Sightline - The Chair' works with the 0.8 runtime and is one of the best demos I have tried.

Both of these demos are awesome introductions to VR and really show you the massive potential.
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