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Merging Account Libraries

Level 2

Hi there! So, my situation...

I have a Quest 2 and a Rift S. My Quest 2 is logged in under my personal email and linked to my Facebook account. My Rift S is linked to my business email under an Oculus account and is NOT linked to a Facebook login. I unfortunately have different games in each game library for the different headsets because my wife and I play different games.

So my question is how do I go about merging these two accounts without losing any of the games I've purchased on either platform? My fear is that if I link my Facebook account to my Oculus account on my Rift S that the games I've purchased on that Oculus account will be overwritten with the games I've bought on my Quest 2 instead of being merged into a shared game library. Is it safe to log into my Facebook on my Rift S's Oculus account and get a merged library? Or is it not worth the risk? Thanks for any time you spend reading/helping! *fist bumps*