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Microprose The Mighty Eighth VR game

Level 14
I was excited to see the resurgence of Microprose as they made a lot of classic games. I found it interesting that they're making a game similar to B-17 Flying Fortress: The MIghty 8th which seems to be in the vein of a Star Trek Bridge crew type of experience with multiplayer for VR. 

Some early shots -

Announcement here with more shots.

Article on it


Level 8
I remember Microprose for simulators and Microprose soccer on commodore 64. I thought they were long gone now.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Looks like some development on this...
Microprose have partnered with (or bought up?) Valiant Effort who've been working on a WW2 bomber strategy/campaign sim involving the RCAF missions within the RAF, with Lancasters.

It looks like Valiant Effort and The Mighty Eighth are being combined into a single game under a company that's now referred to as Microprose Canada, with the likelihood of DLC including additional bombers and fighter-bombers like the Mosquito.

Microprose titles of the past were a little gamified it seemed to me... but that could be a good thing for those of us who struggle a little bit with DCS and all of the detailed systems that that sim dumps on you at times! This could be good fun and still be accurate and involving enough to feel real.

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