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Minecraft VR doesnt work for many, fix in thread

Level 9
edited: fix in thread, resolved.

Level 3
You can get a free windows 10 key. Just look into your mojang backend if you bought minecraft for pc. There should be an option.

Level 9
I get "already redeemed  key" . I get a "play" button on the Microsoft store for Minecraft Windows 10 beta, no option to download files. There's the issue. No files, no VR. It appears they want me to buy it again. Not gonna happen.

Level 3
Same problem. I first downloadet it from oculus home, thinking that was it. press start, nothing happens. So I bought the game from Microsoft store, start the game fine, But no VR. Try to start simultanly in oculus home, thinking mabe it needs to run main game or something first. Nothing happens. Uninstall windows verson, still don't start in oculus home. Uninstall from oculus home, then reinstall nothing happens (game don't start at all). Reinstall from windows store, and game starts normaly, but no Vr option, and no image in the Rift. So whats going on, what do I need to do? And first and formost, why don't it start from oculus home.

Level 9
I think you need to BUY Windows 10 beta. I apparently "already redeemed key" for the "free" version, but have no history of redeeming it ( very confused by this). I can log into the normal Minecraft client no problem but 10 beta version on the store will not offer to let me download files. I only get a play button and a buy button. I believe this is the issue and I refuse to shell out twice for the same game.

Level 4
If you did redeem the key then it is locked to a Microsoft account? Do you have more than the one you're on now? If you did not then you have been the victim of a fraud and someone "stole" your key and redeemed it for themselfes or someone else. If the latter can be the case then I think you need to contact Mojang.

Level 16
No, that's not true. You don't have to buy anything twice. 

You can download the base Minecraft VR game from the Oculus Store for Free. Then, make sure you are logged into your Microsoft account on your computer. The Oculus version of the game will check if you already purchased Minecraft on the Windows Store and should download the IAP without any additional charge. Or you can purchase the IAP from within the Oculus app and it will sync with your Windows account. 

Hope that makes sense.
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Level 9
Our house has only ever had one Microsoft ( Outlook) account. and it says key already redeemed. I don't get it.

The Oculus Minecraft client is only 5mb, so it's sure not downloading squat.

Level 7
Regarding the Oculus download for Minecraft being tiny: After reading the Minecraft VR message on the MOJANG website, it looks like the main download is the Windows 10 beta version, and the Oculus Home download is just a small special VR launcher... Of course, I'm at work and cant try it yet. 🙂

Level 9
Exactly. I was pretty sure I wasnt mistaken about that. And the Microsoft store wont let me download it! All I got is play, or buy. No download.