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Minecraft VR won't launch in VR

Level 2

Running a Rift CV1 on the latest version of Windows 10, Oculus software, etc. I have Minecraft Windows 10 edition installed from the Windows Store. I also have the Minecraft VR module installed from the Oculus Store.

I can launch MCW10 and it works fine, no issues, I'm logged in to my Microsoft account, etc. However, when I launch the MCVR shortcut from within my Oculus Library, I'm taken into a VR view of the Minecraft logo (the window is labeled as 'Oculus Room Tiny (DX11)' on my desktop) and shown the following messages;


'Welcome to the Minecraft Oculus Launcher! A - Confirm B - Cancel' I hit confirm


'(1) Update to Windows 10 1809 and obtain Minecraft, or the trial, from the Windows 10 Store. A/B' Confirm again


'(2) Set the Settings-> General-> Unknown Sources switch to [on] in the Oculus App' Confirmed, already had unknown sources enabled long before this,


'[Confirm] to play VR Minecraft, or [Cancel] to exit.'


Upon hitting 'Confirm', the VR view closes and returns me to Oculus home, and the desktop (non-VR) version of Minecraft W10 Edition opens on my monitor. I've reinstalled both the Oculus Minecraft VR module and Minecraft itself and always come up with the same results.