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New Music for beat saber?

Level 3
Hi All,
I have just upgraded to the full version of Beat Saber, will Oculus be bringing out more  music for the game? I have seen on YouTube how people have Michael Jackson? I don't want to get this sort of music illegally  or risk my warranty at all.. is there somewhere we can make suggestions to Oculus? I'm 56 and don't know much of the music on the game but love playing it.

Level 7
I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to add mods and music without voiding a warranty, but in my experience the user made songs/levels are never as well done as the native songs. I’m sure they’ll release more music, but most of it is their own licensed music, so it likely won’t be anything anybody will know until they play them. 

Level 7
I guess I should clarify that it’s technically illegal to add music to the game because the musicians/labels aren’t getting paid, but nobody really cares about the rights of musicians/record labels soooo. 

(He says, as somebody who plays/teaches/records for a living ?)