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Oculus Venues & Oculus Arcade - Why isn't this available for the Rift?

Level 5
Last time I watched the Facebook/Oculus announcements in Oculus Venues (Last Year) I was impressed!
Really cool on the Oculus Go, being in the audience able to chat and interact with other users during live stream and presentations.

Now, I thought this was something that were going to be released on the Rift as well!
But now for F8 it still seams that it's not available for the Rift, what could be the reason for this?

Also the Oculus Arcade app, nice Arcade machine playing (Need additional controller support not only a gamepad!) is also missing on the Rift!
Would like to see more Oculus Apps on the Rift as well as cross play/usage between different Oculus HMD's