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Rift launch titles seem to be fixed resolution when viewing on an up-sampled Quest 2

Level 3

This previous weekend, I attempted to take a stroll down memory lane and fire up Chronos, Edge of Nowhere, Wilson's Heart, Robo Recall (and many more). Some of those old games from my library seemed to be fixed to the Rift resolution. For the sake of preservation of history, I would like to advocate that the OG games support various resolutions that Quest 2, or future headsets, can up-sample to. 


I can provide a list of titles that I feel like are not scaling with my intended resolution, but I believe the biggest offender was Wilson's Heart. Here I am running a Quest 2 at it's max tethered up-sample, and the game looks ancient. In my opinion, there is no reason these titles should run only at the resolution available at the time, especially considering that not every title has the issue. Is there anything Meta/Oculus can do to help these old titles look nicer on new hardware?