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Robo Recall: First OH game with over 5K Reviews

Level 16

Great news for one of my favorite titles,

Robo Recall Becomes The First Game With Over 5000 Reviews On The Oculus Store

This makes the game the most reviewed VR game on the Oculus marketplace and for good reasons. When you check the reviews and ratings, you will notice that the game has received a lot of positive reviews. In fact, 84% of the people gave it a 5 out of 5 stars.

Hopefully this means that we'll start to see some official DLC soon!


Level 9
I was just about to post this myself! I think it shows the growing popularity of VR, as long as there continues to be great content for it. I’m sure a Robo Recall II will be equally popular. 

Level 16
5,000 is a milestone number for an online storefront that is still considered beta. Even places like Amazon peak out at 2% reviews on average, although 1% is most common. While other stores that foster a "review culture" are able to hit much higher review percentages (e.g. Steam is probably over 10% easy, Etsy is over 20%, etc).

The fact that over 5,000 people took the time to review this is fantastic! In fact... I don't think I ever reviewed the damn game. So my stat isn't even being counted here lol

I should double-check.

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Volunteer Moderator
Last week in my class that's doing VR dev (using Go's) one of the other teachers started up Robo Recall on the CV1. We had it mirrored to a projector. Ok, time to show these young people how to kick ass in VR!
I flew through the second level (the account only had that much unlocked), slaughtering everything and showing off. Hell yeah!

Exhausted, I took the rift off. Nobody was watching, the whole class was busy working and the other two teachers had left the room. So I sat down and checked my work email for a bit. 😞

But when I got home I loaded it up and went back to kicking ass. 🙂

It's definitely my favourite VR game. That intro scene still makes me so uncomfortable.

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Just hijacking a random RR thread to post this - a new tech demo with a strong RR theme :smile:

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Wildt said:

Just hijacking a random RR thread to post this - a new tech demo with a strong RR theme :smile:

Gotta drink my coffee faster and stay more alert - just posted the video in another thread and then saw you got first dibs, impressive  😉

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It's great fun but I just don't play it. I installed the SMOOTH LOCO hack and it really came to life but incurred some bugs. I don't understand why things don't get a polished treatment for VR. Everything seems to go further away from giving us the BEST VR EXPERIENCE EVER. Just because someone at Facebook wants 1billion VR users so thinks they need to do stuff only kids will want with cheaper VR headsets. Well sorry but in any multiplayer in VR you find out that only about 1 in 50 Players are kids! VR is a seriously simulation and we are being robbed of quality potential.

Level 2
M so much excited to try it out...

Level 11
Yeah this game is so deserving of so many extremely positive and glowing reviews as well. This was my first ever VR game I played when my Rift arrived, and I still play it today, it's simply awesome.

Have you guys installed the mod that lets you fight endless waves of mobs? I have that one installed and its a blast!!! 🙂

I'm with everyone else, the devs that made Robo Recall seriously need to release more DLC or release Robo Recall 2 with better graphics, bigger and better levels and weapons etc.

If they sold more DLC or Robo Recall 2 today or with the release of Rift S and Valve Index, can you even imagine how much money they would make? Sure millions!!!

I often say that most games in VR I won't spend £30 - £40 on and wait for them to go as low as £15 but you know what. If Robo Recall 2 came out today and cost £40 - £50 it would be an instant buy for me. And there's no other game that I could say that for. That's how high I hold this game in my heart. I've shown it to all my friends too and they were all blown away.

Why do you guys think they haven't released more DLC? Surely it wouldn't take them long to throw together a few more levels or something? They aren't willing to spend a couple of weeks on what could potentially make them millions in DLC?
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Level 11
I never play Robo Recall anymore just like I never play Marvel Power United anymore.

They're devoid of any real content. They're both skeletons of a game. They're beautiful amazing skeletons but that's it. 

Both games would be fantastic if they had a nice long story-driven campaigns. 

Also, I wish they had stuck to the Bullet Train idea they originally had instead. 

I'm not saying it's not a great game. It's a fantastic extremely polished wave shooter. 
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