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Robo Recall - SciFantasy Sword Pack Version 2

Level 4
Originally posted on -

Have been feeling like there weren't enough sword mods for RR, so Im making some more! I found this really awesome scifi-fantasy sword pack for free on Sketchfab, and I'm gonna bring 3 of them from the pack to RR, the Rapier, double-handed blade, and the Katana. This is the first of them, the Rapier!

- Description - 

I really love the look of these weapons. They all work on one material, which makes them really easy to implement into RR, I just make one material and boom, all the swords are working. Now I just have to import them all! XD

the Rapier is super fun in particular, it's a smaller sword but it's long which gives you lots of reach towards Tal-9's!

- Downloads -

V1 - Scifantasy_Rapier.robo
V2 - Scifantasy_RapierV2.robo
V3 - 

- Patch Notes -
This version introduces the double-handed blade, (double handed grip not included). Use the topmost button on either controller when you bring your weapon out to switch to it!

PC specs - GTX 1070 (MSI AERO); 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3; intel i5-4590, MSI motherboard (don't remember but it was a combo deal) and an EVGA Supernova 750W semi-modular.