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Rooms: The unsolvable puzzle Issue - no character movement

Level 2
Anyone else go this?

I just can't do anything in it... Loads, get to the first room the only control that seems to work it the Left Trigger that pull the lamp down ( no idea what for ) Can't control the main character or anything.  But but sure what she is supposed to do anyway.

Any idea?

Level 8
using xbox controller? i played this on dk2 no problem

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Level 2

Me too, exact same problem straight after purchase. Money back problem now.

Level 5
I have no problems with mine. Control the rooms with the buttons, and the character with the joystick.

The first room, all you do is move her to the door. It's a prep for later.

To get to the next room you need to look at it (there's a small dot to guide you) and select by pressing A.

The rooms give you instructions on how to use the controller to control new objects.

Level 2
Yes. RC1 with the standard controller... buttons seem to work - just nothing happens. 

Level 2
I am having the same issue using the XBox-style controller. the A button and Left Trigger are all that work, and I cannot get the character to move. The developer says the program does not work with Touch.


Level 9
Those comments are all from 2016 : They're from one year ago.

But if you can use the A button and Left Trigger, that means your controller is working fine and your problem is that you haven't figured out how to enter a room yet : You're inside the building but outside the doors, so you're not in a room yet.

So try applying what w_benjamin said :
- When you enter the mansion from outside (with the A button), you need to look at and highlight the (open) door you want to select with your headset pointer, then press A to go through that (open) door and enter that specific room.
- Only then can you start moving inside that room, using the left thumbstick to move the character and the ABXY buttons to switch the room pieces around (and more).

At the beginning only the first door (bottom left corner) of the first building is open : The other doors have to be unlocked.

Also once the first building has been completed (both halves), you can switch to the next building(s). It's really a nicely made game, with enough carefully handcrafted levels to last you a few dozen hours 🙂

Level 2
I thought I was already in Room 1. However, it seems to be working now. Thanks for your help.