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Selecting in Fruit Ninja

Level 3

Greetings Everyone,


I’ve downloaded Fruit Ninja to play with on my new Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset and I absolutely cannot figure out how to select what Fruit Ninja Game I want to play.  I’ve tried to use all of my buttons on both of my controllers and nothing seems to work with making a selection I want to play.   Can someone help me learn how to properly make a selection in the VR application of Fruit Ninja?   I would deeply appreciate it very much.


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Here's a link to a video showing a different approach to uninstalling apps 

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Level 3

I just got it today.  You use your sword to slice through the mode you want to play (I.e.. arcade, zen etc...)

Hello Doucet.Dan,


I do try to slice my selection with my sword.  However, nothing happens.  Like I’ve explained before, I’ve tried to push all this of the buttons on each of my controllers while making a slicing motion with my sword. . . Nothing happens when I do this.   I still need help in figuring out how to select my game options.  

Not sure if it will help at all but I took a video of me slicing one of the options just so you can compare it with what you're seeing


if it still doesn't work I would recommend doing an uninstall/reinstall 

Hi Doucet.Dan,


I really appreciate the video of you slicing the menu options with your sword.   It still not working.  How do I uninstall the Fruit Ninja application?   Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.  

To uninstall you need to click the little 3 dot ... menu on the app and choose uninstall rather than just clicking the app to launch it.  

Here's a link to a video showing a different approach to uninstalling apps 

Hi Doucet.Dan,


I really appreciate the video showing me how uninstall an application on oculus.  I am a visual learner, so the video was very effective.    Again, thanks for your valuable assistance.