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Sharing leaderboards? (Radial-G)

Level 3
Radial G's leaderboards used to be publicly visible, but now it's in-app. Is there a way to share your leaderboard scores with your friends? On Steam, leaderboards are publicly visible:

Level 4
The main dev is on holiday at the moment but not sure about web-visible game stats to power leaderboards etc outside of Oculus Home
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Level 3
This would be a great feature. IMHO, Oculus needs to create a network similar to, but not necessarily identical to, Xbox Live. Being able to share stats, scores, achievements, leaderboards, etc. on a public website would be an awesome way to improve the experience. I would like to see achievements similar to Xbox Live's system. Anything would be better than Steam's system lol. Rewarding players for unlocking achievements would create more alure. If Oculus offered leaderboards on their network, developers could use it to put their products' leaderboards up for everyone to see.