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Ski Free-D

Level 3
I run a vidjagames company called Impromptu Games. Last night a couple of us decided to make a ski game for the Rift inspired by SkiFree. We worked on it for about five hours I think. The physics are a little glitchy for UDK reasons but it's mostly good - high FPS will help. As with the UDK Rollercoaster, setting the resolution higher than 1280x800 so the rift downscales will get you a far better image. The console command for that is "setres 1920x1200" or whatever resolution you want.

Mostly self-explanatory. Left/right turns left/right. Forward and back push you a little bit in that direction.
Press T to restart the level (it's quite short but it has a TWIST ENDING).

Download link!

Also, taking this opportunity to plug the other game we're soon to release, InFlux, which needs your vote on Steam Greenlight. It won't support the Rift at launch but we'll likely patch it in.

Oh yeah! Use a 360 controller for extra SKI PRECISION.

Level 2
this demo needs reaction videos :lol:

Level 2
Xbox controller does not work.

No keyboard controls work.

Level 3
No idea what that could be. Are your skis moving at all?

Tried WASD?

Level 7
Man, this is a powerful demo of how the Rift continues to immerse me in virtual worlds even after getting used to VR -- I screamed at the top of my lungs (in a manly way) with your little "twist ending". I'm not sure whether to hate you or to laugh! :?: :evil: :?: :lol: :?:

In any case, 360 controller worked for me, but yeah it doesn't feel super responsive -- it takes a while to change directions when you're gliding along in the snow so maybe that's why others report that it's not working.
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Level 3
Glad you dug it! Yeah the physics are pretty rough. We probably won't update it much-if-at-all though, it was just a thing we cranked out in a few hours for fun.

Level 2
Great demo, lots of fun. Took me a second to figure out the WASD keys for movement. I wish the mountain was bigger! 😄

Level 2
please re post the link is dead

Level 2
instead of a controller why not using a Wii board ? in this case it seems to be the perfect solution for full immersion.

Level 2
Great game! I must admit though, I was a little disappointed when I found that the "surprise" at the end wasn't the monster that eats you from the original Ski Free. Imagine that in the Rift... O.O