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Skyrim VR - Half Life Alyx style hand interaction mod - worth dusting off for a revisit?

Level 12
new hand mod for Skyrim Vr and I am pretty impressed. I'll probably dust off my copy and have a play.

Particularly impressive is that you can force grab items off of dead bodies without going into the menu.;

Level 16

Now I had some issues with Nexus installing one mod. I had to manually install the higgs mod. All others where fine.

Launch the sksevr_loader.exe to start the game. Sometimes it didn't load and I noticed killing Steam VR and then relaunching worked. 

Yeah, that's why I'm getting off Nexus Mods Manager entirely for SkyrimVR, it's not really worth the effort when we have Vortex, which is more straight forward and easy to use. More importantly, Vortex appears to be quite future-proof for all future SkyrimVR Mods. Look at how many years later it is, and we're still seeing epic Mods for this version of the game.

It's better just to put the time in to migrate over to Vortex now, and enjoy an easier time installing these Mods with each passing year. Good stuff!

Level 12
Sorry I got a bit confused I am using Vortex 🙂 and Loot. 

Level 12

Interesting. I've never played Skyrim, am very tempted to give it a try. Any advice from seasoned players?


If you like an openworld RPG then there isn't much to rival this (I haven't played Asgards Wrath but that I believe it is a little more on rails that SKyrim. However no doubt it will be a much higher level of VR integration and graphically superior)

This is the only game I truly feel I am in an alternative reality. I think this hand mod really does complete the cycle for this game.

It is an effort of cosmetic moddery though to get it from butt ugly out of the box. It is amazing though, last night in a deep dungeon, I was making shadow puppets on the wall and doing a little shadow dance jig then 1 hour later I found this beautiful hidden valley with a massive waterfall. I just hope they include VR in the next Skyrim game from scratch and keep the same ethos. Bethesda of late have been releasing some weak alternatives.

What I really love is pretty much every object you see / can pick up (not furniture) is really there not just scene stuffing. You can pick it up, take it back to your home and use it for decoration or sell it.

Every item on an enemy is an item. In Witcher I got so frustrated with walking into rooms and everything was nailed down. You kill someone with amazing armour, loot the body and there is an apple and 5 gold.  With this mod you can actually pull the items from the body now 🙂

Level 9
Ah yes, cheers Luciferous. I'm up and running. Got the gravity glove and 1st person avatar mod working nicely and have started getting to grips with the game ('grips' see what I did there?  😉
I'm going to enjoy this I'm sure. Very pleased to see it run smoothly at high graphics settings too 🙂
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Level 12
Another issue I noticed in SKyrmVR and this will just apply to index controllers probably, make sure they are powered on before starting the game / steam vr otherwise you cannot move the character.