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Star Trek Bridge Crew Voice Issues

Level 2

Ok , I recently bought the Quest 2 - for the sole and only purpose of playing with a friend, on his PS4VR - and the game Star Trek: Bridge Crew.  The local salesman was all over it - the best way for us to be able to hang out was the Quest 2 - as it can cross play with the PS4VR and we will be cruising the stars in no time.   I feel like i was almost lied to - 

We get into the lobby and missions for about 5-10 min before the sound goes out -  He can hear me just fine - i cant hear him- I can see him move, he can see me move - We have tried to reload the game on his end, and on mine.  - Voice works for about 3-5 min, and then drops out.  Once in a while I will get a "static" sound. 

Is this a known bug? Is there any way to fix it?  Is it going to be fixed?  I mean i get that the whole VR thing is relatively new, but really hard to play a game based on communication when you cant communicate -  and since the Quest 2 does not support another chat option, like PCs do with Discord, or the like - I have a really really nice 500+ dollar paperweight currently.  

Please help if you can.