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Subnautica Crashing

Level 3
So, I just picked up Subnautica and it has been nothing but headaches since I started it. The first issue is that the audio only plays through the Windows Default, which is not my Rift obviously. As annoying as that is, I can get around it by just changing my Rift to default. However, every time I try to start a new game, the game crashes at the loading screen. I don't actually see the loading screen in the rift, just black. When I take it off though, I find the crashing ship picture, with a windows pop up over it saying the game has crashed. I tried messing with the settings, I saw something about this online, but nothing helps. The game crashes every time I try to actually play it. It's very frustrating, especially with Oculus not having a refund policy, afaik. Any suggestions?

Level 3
Same here as well. I wish they would allow us to refund games like Steam does within a 2hr period. This is unacceptable.

Level 9
Subnautica shouldn't even be on Oculus Home. The HUD for oxygen and thirst etc is too far to the left making it nearly unplayable in VR. The dev's aren't even actively working on VR support. I would love it if this changed but could be weeks or months. It should stay on Steam with all the other shovelware and unfinished, unpolished turds.

Level 3
Same problem! It's unbelievable that this SH$T is sold on Oculus Store and nobody cares that the game is UNPLAYABLE!!!! It crashes whenever you want to start a new game! This is official Oculus forum, isn't it? So please can someone take care of this problem. You are selling this game on your platform!! I AM ANGRY!