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Synth Riders not working?

Level 2

Is anyone having issues booting up the game?

I brought it today but it doenst boot (just goes back to the home screen)


Ive already tried restarting,reinstalling, checking the firmware is up to date.


I even checked permmisions for the app and enabled the two that were disabled (locations and microphone)


On the Quest 2.


Level 3

Mine has been heavily glitching doe the last 5 days. It pauses, ends games and goes black,

Level 2

They actually resolved my issue with a patch.

Whether a new patch has messed things up for you I dont know. Ive havent played in weeks as Im waiting for my replacement oculus strap (bit thats a different story)


I dont know if you use reddit.

But ask there the developers read the synth riders discord and its where I was communicating for a fix (with the issue I had)