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TWD: Saints and Sinners wont install

Level 2
"Sorry, it looks like your antivirus software blocked the installation of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners"
I've literally turned off all my virus protection and tried again. Same thing. I've tried adding it to exclusions. Nope. Is this just a defective download or what? I've seen some others complain in reviews that they couldn't install but they give no details about their problem.

Level 2
I was having the same problem but here's how I fixed it:
I closed the Oculus app after it all failed and made sure nothing was running in task manager.
Then I reopened the app by right clicking and hitting "Run as Administrator"
Then it worked! Don't know if this was a fluke or not but maybe it will work for some of you.

Level 12
When I tested it seemed if you interrupted the network connection it basically restarted again. Not sure if this game is particularly bad as it has one very big file of 32gb.

Certainly very frustrating when you are dying to play the game and hours later it just fails. Reminds me of my Sinclair Spectrum days, adjusting the volume to get the right size loading bars 🙂

Level 2
Running the Oculus App as an administrator worked for me. Right click the icon and left click run as admin.

Level 2

this is what you all get for buying from a company associated with facebook.  if you did NOT learn your lessons after the fiasco launches that were AW and stormland, this is your own damn fault.  go to a far superior store and company.......leave the Darkside.  join us, the Lightside, over at Valve.

oculus is THE ABSOLUTE WORST company to purchase software from.  their HMDs may be ok, but the store SUCKS @$$.

go ahead fanboys and haters, have a field day.  i could care less.  not like i am ever coming back to this thread any ways!  LMFAO

I am having the same problem as everyone else and I couldn't agree more. There headsets are great and cheap but there software is horrible! I only bought this on oculus since they gave me $14 credit and free money is free money... 

Level 3
super helpful guys, thanks!

Level 2
I'm having this issue also. I bought the game a while back and had no problems installing, today no such luck. Having to re-download the whole 30gb again is the dumbest thing ever, can they not make the software just verify the downloaded files like steam does!! Also not having an easy process for backing up games is stupid. I think the lesson here is to only buy from oculus if steam don't have it. I'll leave my pc on overnight and hope for the best, wish me luck !!