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Technolust Release Version - Spoiler Videos

Level 4
Here is a walkthrough of part 1. This is a great game!  I will upload more videos.

Great job Blair!
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Level 4
Virtually constrained reality 
hush little babeh dont say a word and nevermind that noise u herrd :shock:

Level 4
Crystal Rift is also in Oculus Home and it allows you to choose smooth rotation.
Comunidad española de RV / Spanish VR Community

Level 5

Is there any way to disable comfort mode so I can rotate smoothly with my gamepad? Can't find any options menu in-game

I also like to know, because I would like to play Technolust with smooth turning.

Level 5
Guys, just play the game standing. Adjust the camera 30' upward so that it faces your whole body and just physically turn left and right. You'll get more immersed and have smooth turning at the same time. Win-Win.

Level 5
just blink when you turn kekekekekek

Level 4
Guys. I'm very happy to report that Technolust now has a smooth turning option. Physically turn around and look for the option directly behind yourself on the menu.

Check out my youtube channel with Oculus Game/Demo Videos! ... OkielbyReg

Level 3
I am so stupid? I cant play with the mouse! I dont like comfort mode, i disabled, but cant use the mouse. The most people make sick because turn around with the gamepad, uses mouse reduce a lot the sickness.