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The Climb - releasing 28th April!

Level 4
Too exciting :smiley: 

Level 9
Happy days, another one to get when my Rift arrives.
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Level 8

Atmos73 said:

Is it still true this is gamepad only and doesn't support motion controllers of any sort?

No, it was always meant to have support for motion controllers.

Level 4
Crytek have said that The Climb has Touch support, and that as soon as Touch is released you'll be able to use it with the game.

Level 4
You're a happy chappy

Level 8
Support for Leap motion would be cool...

Level 10

benplace said:

Support for Leap motion would be cool...

Yeah indeed it would...even more then Touch...
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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Another game I cannot wait to play once the rift arrives!
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Level 3
I'm glad it will work with either controller - I've used leap motion before - you're arms get tired quickly and then your back to your controller. Everyone should start doing dumbbell lifts to prepare themselves :smile: 

Level 5
I find it rather silly that for a game that uses your hands and arms people would gleefully go for just a simple controller. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad folks are happy about it, but I gotta agree with Atmos here, it's a game built for touch controllers. Why release a game that doesn't include or utilize it's main support scheme?
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