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Twilight Zone coming to Quest!

Level 15

I am a huge fan of the entire Twilight Zone franchise. I grew up watching these films, and to this day I enjoy binging entire seasons while writing software in my living room. Heck, even the Tower of Terror ride in Disney World is among my most favorite rides of all time.


So this news is a very warm welcome. The fact that this comes from the makers of the Exorcist Legion VR series is just icing on the creepy cake! 😁





Twilight Zone VR Game Announced For Oculus Quest, PSVR


The Twilight Zone VR is coming to Oculus Quest and PSVR as three self-contained episodes. The game’s developed by Dimension Hunter studio Pocket Money Games and is produced by Fun Train, the VR publisher behind the excellent The Exorcist: Legion VR series and the less excellent Tarzan VR.