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Utilitizing SteamVR mode over Oculus VR mode

Level 2
When I buy a game through Steam, I'd like to play through SteamVR mode so I can have achievements pop while playing. If I buy through Oculus, I'd play through Oculus VR mode. However, I installed VR Flush and Red Stare from Steam, for example, and when I started them while in SteamVR mode, either from Steam Home or the SteamVR dashboard, they start opening through Steam VR, stop, then completely open through Oculus VR mode. I couldn't access SteamVR dashboard by pressing the dashboard button on the left controller the same way I can access Oculus dashboard by pressing the  dashboard button on the right controller. This is even when I have SteamVR running. This is opposite of games like Half-Life: Alyx where regardless if it launched it through SteamVR or Oculus VR, I'd be able to open both the SteamVR dashboard AND Oculus VR dashboard by pressing either dashboard button.

Why is it that Oculus mode overrides SteamVR mode even when some games are launched through SteamVR? Is there any way to correct that?

P.S. I have a Rift S.

1: Find games .Exe files
-right click
- (check box) run compatibility mode for (windows 7)
- (check box) run this program as administrator

2: Go to game library in steam
- right click game
- properties
- General
- (launch options)
- Write "openvr"

3: Open oculus software

4: Launch steam VR (not game just steam VR by itself)

5: Launch game from vitual desktop (oculus one or steam vr version)

6: Allow game to launch

7: Profit 💲💲💲