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VIRAMID - point n click puzzle adventure - Alpha Testers Needed

Level 4
Hey all. Good to be part of the forum. For the past 7 months we have been working hard on our new title called VIRAMID. It's a point and click puzzle adventure set inside a pyramid. The game has been inspired by the movie and TV series Stargate and is a story driven game. This first release is Episode 1 which introduces us to the main character and the mystery of his mentor's disappearance.

We are now looking for alpha testers who are registered in the Oculus forum. If you are interested in playing the alpha version please post a reply below with your username and we will add you so you can test the game. It'll be great to hear what you think.

Here's some screenshots below and an early teaser trailer (the art work has been updated since the video was produced).

VIRAMID teaser trailer 1