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Virtual Desktop Issues on CV1

Level 5
Hi, looking for some assistance.  Not used Virtual desktop in a long time and went to use it this evening to find that when I try to watch Amazon prime video, it says playing but only has a black screen with the pause button and  forward/reverse on screen.  

When I drag my mouse across the progress bar, scenes from the program are showing, just not able to watch.

Also getting issues with echo in the audio.

Can anyone offer some advice please?


Level 15
Maybe try a different browser.  I think that last time I tried this my Chrome browser worked but my Edge browser did not.
9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, Corsair 1000w. Rift cv1, Quest 1, Vive Pro.

Level 5
Thanks Tom, will give that a go.