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War Thunder Update 1.65 is a VR Treat.

Level 8
War Thunder launched it's 1.65 update yesterday "Way of the Samurai".

This was a great moment for VR pilots as all..and I really mean ALL! aircraft now have 3D cockpits.
No longer are we limited to just fighters. You now have full cockpits including crew and gunners in all Bombers and Attackers.
OK so a lot of them are place holder cockpits atm, but they are still useable with functioning dials and look pretty good.

Well worth a look just to get the true scale of some of the large bombers.

Enjoy and I'll see you in the skys 😉


Level 2
Just played the game.
Yes, it is great. The cockpit is full 3D, with working interiours and an amazing feeling of beeing in there for real.
I had problems with sound, but i will look into that later.

For now i am off to fly.

Level 10
The Bombers finally have cockpits!!?? .. Damn .. no more free-view in Simulator mode lol.