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Where are my games?

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Hi there, so I'm totally new to the whole VR thing and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. So, I want to stream myself playing VR games and so I'm using the oculus link via the cable. When I connect/enable oculus link I can't find the games I had bought via just the headset without link. When I disable oculus link all the games I bought off the store on my oculus show up. Btw, I own the Oculus Quest 2. Am I doing something wrong? Is the headset app different from the computer app? I'm confused.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
The PC and Quest software libraries and stores are different. Some games are cross buy, which means if you buy on one store you get a copy on the other. But it won't show up automatically, you need to go into the other store and look for the game, it should appear with the price of Free. Buy it again for free for it to be in the library.
Non cross buy games like Beat Saber need to be bought twice at full price if you want both versions.

Not all Quest games are available on PC. Not all PC VR games have a stand alone native Quest version. But using the Link cable every PC VR game can be played on the Quest (while connected).

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