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The Climb 2 - Cant reach waypoint podests

Hey guys,Just started climb 2, what a great experience. Did the tutorial. To climb on Podest grab with both hands and pull down to climb on the podest. In the tutorial is it fine but in Canyons im Just glitching on and off the podest. Do you encounte...

Doom 3 BFG Edition

Hello guys.I'm just started to play in Doom 3 BFG Editionwith RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.1.0 openvr 12 mod looks much better than Doom FVRbut with toch right thumbstik doesn't work.For turning around I need turning my body. Thats doesn't good. Not comfortable fo...

Resolved! Upgraded to a 256

Hi , I just upgraded from the 64 to a 256 gig quest2. My purchased games show as cued to be installed . Question I have is do I have to uninstall the games or do a factory reset on the 64 to initialize the install on the 256 thanks

Gun Club VR

When your in the Allies shooting ranges, how to collect intel? I selected a sniper rifle and on the allies section clicked on the rifle and clicked start. When the next screen pops up there is a note at the top that says to complete the mission you w...

The highest rated VR Only games on Steam! (Beyond Alyx)

We've already covered the highest rated Oculus Store Rift games and apps here: - but which are the highest rated VR games on Steam? 樂 When it...

il_570xN.1341035401_g4gh.jpg Unavngivet.jpg ss_91690c8e5de49920461aeca5548fbec3a18b5c79.1920x1080.jpg ss_6a9058e57a92545ee6d40da44bb700a34e1fd0e8.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Fitness Game Suggestion

Hi developers, I think it would be really cool to see an all in one fitness game. A game like wii fit plus would be incredibly awesome. A game where you can go jogging, skiing, do yoga, do parkour, etc. It would be awesome and many people would likel...

Crashland looks like a farpoint esque fps

Can't wait to try this game when i get home.

Can't buy games for Quest 2 anywhere.

I have tried buying a game called Dash Dash World many times now. I have tried using the oculus phone app, desktop app, website, and the in-headset store. Every time I try to confirm my purchase and enter my pin code this message pops up: "Request No...

Star Trek Bridge Crew Cross Buy?

Hey all. I am pretty new to the Quest. I have Bridge Crew for Rift. I read online that it is Crossbuy, but when I go to the game in the Quest store it wants me to buy it. Am I out of luck? Thanks for any advice!Jim

Medal of honor not installing

Hi just need some assistance I just purchased medal of honor via oculus app however it doesn't want to install does anyone know a solution to this issue

Rock Band VR Connector and Oculus Touch 2 controllers

So, I'm interested in purchasing Rock Band VR to play on my PC (through Oculus Link on my Quest 2), and I have a question regarding the VR connector that mounts to my guitar. Will the redesigned Touch controllers that came with my Quest 2 fit inside ...

rcs709 by Level 2
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Stuck Thrill of the Fight

I can't get past the weigh in and opening screen on Thrill of the Fight. I weigh in and take my picture, then it takes me to the three screens (one with tips on the left side, general information in the middle, and one with some stats on the right). ...

Sports Scramble Nightmare!

I paid $30 for the full game. I did the training. The next time I logged in it took me to a page to confirm my options to play tennis. When I finished my selection, it took me here and no matter what I press it won't let me move forward. I have tried...



Oculus Rift Titles Being Pulled

I'm curious with Facebook pulling Oculus Rift Titles from people. How are they compensating people for this? People paid for these games. I know there are two major titles getting pulled that they have already advised people to delete from their head...

rjnmd70 by Level 4
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Vader Immortal - Can't grip with right hand !

I've been replaying Vader Immortal Episode 1 on my Rift and can not grip anything with my right hand. This means I can't go up ladders, pick up the lightsabre right-handed or interact with the right hand. Left-hand works perfectly and this issue does...

Oculus: Enderal VR (Big Skyrim VR Story Mod)

For those who can't get enough of Skyrim VR, there is a VR Mod of Enderal: Forgotten Storys out there ! The Main Story of the DLC sized story mod of Skyrim is about 50 hours and has full german and english voice acting.I posted this here in the Oculu...

VR-Punk by Level 2
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