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I want to move my seat in Amazon Prime VR theater

Hi all, Is there a way to change what seat you're sitting in the Amazon Prime VR movie theater? I'm on an Oculus Quest 2. I made the screen as small as I could and it's still too big for me to watch comfortably. I'd like to 'move' to the back of the ...

Resolved! Arktika.1 crashing at startup

I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me find the problem with Arktika.1 crashing when I launch the game. I don't think its a performance issue as my computer exceeds the recommended specs. There seem to be several people having differ...

Casino games

I am looking for real casino games other than poker, like slots, roulette, etc.. any options out there for the Quest ?

pantut by Level 2
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V-Racer Hoverbike - awesome racing game!

Just tried my favorite VR racing game, but I'm not a great fan of sims - and this isn't a sim  The graphics are quite good, and of course solid 90 fps are best. On my rig (see my sig) I could set super sampling to 1.6 and max out all other settings ...

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RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Ultrawings throttle issue

While playing Ultrawings on the GO, the throttle was controlled by clicking the touchpad up and down. Suddenly now the throttle is being controlled by sensing my thumbs up and down motion on the pad. Clicking no longer works. Makes it impossible to m...

Oculus Quest 2 puzzle games

Hello everyone, I recently got my Quest 2 and I'm a huge fan of puzzle and mystery games. I played The Room so far and I absolutely loved it. I can't believe VR can be so amazing and immersive even when playing puzzle games. I wanted to ask if you've...

Blade and Sorcery

Anyone played this yet, it's got good reviews and I might pick it up when I've got some cash.

RedRizla by Level 15
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Eye Of The Temple Demo

You can get it here : information here : like quite a fun game.

Digikid1 by Level 12
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Best VR games and apps so far in 2021

Seems like UploadVR did a great job of fueling my hypertension by releasing this list, lol: I couldn't disagree much more - there's simply not a single game on their list I would want on my drives. B...

furious3.JPG ss_8e04926d6c07d5741cacc7a419f7127e11a42477.1920x1080.jpg ss_c29df9c40ee70f325c31c1d0740e95de26955abb.1920x1080.jpg downloa2343d (1).JPG
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Disney Movie VR Update(?)

Just noticed an update for Disney Movie VR so I had a look.Well, turns out there's nothing to look at! All 3 options say "Coming Soon".I'm hoping it's just me, because otherwise, it's the worst "update" ever.

Close up in Wander?

Hi all,Just got my Oculus Quest 2 yesterday and I'm loving it so far!I'm trying out "Wander" and it's very cool. I have a question: If you're standing somewhere, is it possible to zoom in on something to see it closer? I've been "walking" through Get...

Jubiläumsangebote oder Packs im Google Browser

Hallo, kann mir jemand erklären warum ich keine Jubiläumsangebote aufrufen kann im Web-Browser (PC/Google), nicht mal über einen Link - es steht dann zwar da "Ein Hoch auf die Quest" aber darunter sieht man kein einziges Spiel, nicht mal Bundles im A...

Resolved! How do you "jump" in "the climb"?

I'm going through the tutorial that comes with "The Climb" and I can't figure out how to jump. What button do I press? Also, the tutorial seems to indicate that you need to chalk your hands periodically, and you do that by pushing the trigger on the ...

Some Horizon Workrooms questions

I used the Workrooms app for a meeting yesterday and it was great! I have a few questions:My attendees reported that they did not have permissions to use the chat and files. How do I give them permission?I was testing out how to put an image on the w...

Resolved! Nothing loading in oculus quest

When I load up my VR, I expect to see all my games and apps on the home screen, but nope. When my oculus quest loads, there isn't any apps; it just says "Get more apps". And, when I tap on Get more apps, and go to the store, nothing loads in! Just a ...

Asgard's Wrath - Stuck at Thor's Tower

I've been really enjoying the game but I have reached a point where I am completely stuck and can't progress at Thor's Lightning Tower. I'm trying to use the machine to blast the waves of soldiers, giants and machines attacking the gates but finding ...