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Anyone else NOT getting faction leveling rewards?

I leveled my first faction to 10 and got all the rewards that are listed (lvl1 booster, lvl3 booster, lvl5 booster, lvl10 mask) Now I've moved on to other factions and having hit lvl 1 In 3 other factions I did not get my boosters. Am I missing somet...

McFear by Level 2
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Richard Burns Rally

EditMuch simpler way now with MUCH better support. http://www.kegetys.fiAs a long time RBR fan this is fantastic... Big thanks to Keijo (Kegetys) for his long time support for this game.

Redijedi by Level 2
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MinecraftWIndows10EditionLauncher stopped working

I keep getting the same issue alot of other people are experiencing but I've not come across any fixes or solutions. I have tried installing the Windows Store version first and then through Oculus Home and vice versa - to no prevail. In each scenario...

Project Cars

Is anybody else having trouble with Project Cars not working? I can see the game on my monitor but it's very low frame rate and the only thing coming up on the headset is the thing that says project cars is taking too long to load.

Dead and Buried Friends

Hi guys. It's been really quiet on Dead and Buried the last couple of days - really long waiting times to find a game. I love playing and I am not particularly good at it but if anyone would like to add me, feel free! I can play this for hours and it...

Is Teleporting Going To Kill VR? I am starting to wonder whether this whole walking/running thing is going to kill VR. Why? Because I've yet to see even one game that has implemented walking successfully in VR without the player upchuckin...

Bug list: killing floor: incursion

I've noticed a few bugs in killing floor: Incursion:1. Shooting between the bars of scaffolding seems to throw off your gun. I noticed this in a couple places in the game: when you're shooting at the bits of code in the mausoleum, every time you shoo...

Lone Echo Opening Menu bug

I am unable to select anything in the opening screen (single player, multiplayer, etc). I can point with my hands but hitting all buttons currently does nothing (except like oculus home). Other games work perfectly fine. I just bought the game. I can...

Game crashes on launch- any ideas?

I've played the game for weeks, then this morning while booting the game it crashes immediately
I've tried turning off all virus protection, my virtual memory is 16gb, have 16gb ram, have just reinstalled the game and also re-run the rift setup. Any o...

arby100 by Level 2
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When is Lone Echo saving?

How can I tell if I reach a checkpoint/save point? Am I missing some obvious visual indicator? Unfortunately save points don't seem to happen often enough that I can just trust quitting the game at any point without risk of having to repeat a good ch...

Intallation jeux Dirt rally

Bonjour, j'ai acheter le jeux Dirt rally. Je l'ai télécharger sans problème mais s'agissant de l'installation il ne veux pas s'installer.Pouvez m'aider


I followed all the directions. I have 2 problems.1) head tracking is not working. The screen follows my head. The vorpx menu (del) is the only thing that recognizes the head tracking as it stays in place when I move my head around.2) When I turn on V...

kennysux by Level 2
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Technolust Update: Bugs

If anyone encounters any Bugs with the new Technolust Touch update, feel free to share them here.I just got out of the Subway and walked up to the first Terminal that broadcasts the Ad for Needful Things. This terminal is in front of an area where a ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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VR Battleship Yamato

I noticed that the Steam store is now selling this VR tour of the battleship Yamato: Has anyone on here tried it out yet? Nearly $40 for what is essentially a guided tour seems pretty ste...

Jonfl1 by Level 4
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Robo Recall

Hallo ich habe mir vor 2 tagen die Rift mit Touch gekauft und habe beides mit meinem pc verbunden aber dennoch kann ich Robo Recall nicht kostenlos downloaden muss ich was aktiviren??Danke im voraus MFG PascalHello I have 2 days ago the Rift with Tou...

Rift Web Browser

Have the Gear VR which came with my Samsung phone and liked so much and wanted something for the PC so just got a Rift. With the Samsung the Oculus browser came with a built in web browser app which if really good and I also got the Samsung web brows...

Resolved! How did I have a Steam Room start up

Hi I was playing Elite Dangerous , I launched steam version of ED from Oculus home. So I'm about to land on a planet frame rate at a steady 45 fps then all of a sudden my fps goes nuts. I can hardly maintain 45 fps performance dropped to -130 or so a...

Killing Floor: Incursion Out Soon!

One of my most hyped game on the oculus is coming out soon! Anyone here planning on getting it? I also read somewhere that it's a timed exclusive for oculus, anyone by anyway know when it'll be out on other platforms?

Stuck in Rangi

Does the power staff lose its power if I trigger it too long? On time puzzle the beam will cut off and I have to wait before it is able again. Is this normal?I skipped the moving spikes in the wall. (first and the last one I hope). On the next puzzle...

DTH by Level 7
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The Unspoken Esl tournament

Hello there once more :smile: The Unspoken weekly ESL tournament is tonight for Us, thursday evening for Eu. Join in for chance at cash prizes and on long term, trip to offline tournaments, finals in Poland!To join in go here: https://play.eslgaming....

AltspaceVR Shutting Down!

Here's the email message:It is with a tremendously heavy heart that I let you all know that we are closing down AltspaceVR on August 3rd, 7PM PDT. The company has run into unforeseen financial difficulty and we can’t afford to keep the virtual lights...

Kevinaki by Level 7
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Echo Arena Nausea vs Lone Echo

Hi all,I keep hearing how great Lone Echo is but I am very susceptible to nausea. So I thought I would test out Echo Arena. Unfortunately I lasted through the tutorial and about 3 minutes in the hub before I felt nausea coming on. Is the motion in Ec...

R0land by Level 4
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Hello,I am looking for people to play co-op games with, feel free to add me.I am playing Star Trek Bridge CrewKilling Floor IncursionDead and buriedand moreKeromor

Keromor by Level 2
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Oh My God GORN!!! this came out in Steam Early Access last month. I've been hearing a bit about it, so I decided to get it tonight.WOW. If you like hacking and slashing and over-the-top violence and bloodshed, this is the ...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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