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3D Organon VR anatomy - Touch + controller not working

Hey All.I have problems with the functions ingame. All buttons work except the most essential:I am not able to zoom or rotate the body parts.Therefor im not able to use this app.I tried to ask for a refund using this guide:

Windows 10 required

I see quite a lot of games and apps say Windows 10 required but looking at the same game on Steam it says Windows 7 supported, with Windows 10 recommended. So who's right? If I see "Windows 10 required" on the Oculus store front does the game or app ...

Now find the Qibla Direction Finder with Google app

For accurate measurement hold your phone flat and away frommetal objects and electromagnetic fields. Qibla compass- Qibla Direction Finder is veryhandy app when going outside on trip for finding salah direction. By pressingthe marker button set you l...

dluxseo by Level 2
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Unreal Engine Gear Vr controller

Hello i am nee hear.I am creating a Game for the gear vr in Unreal Engine 4.And now i want my character to jump when i press the Upper Button on the gear vr Touch controller. But nothing happen when i do this.What should i Place in the Unreal Engine ...

Skyfront VR

There's a new VR game hitting Steam:Skyfront VR is a team-based multiplayer FPS where the best warriors team up in zero-gravity battle arenas to determine the Ultimate Champion.Zero Gravity battle arenas... hmm, where have I heard that before?  Asid...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Lone Echo - Save Game Request (**SPOILER ALERT!**)

Lone Echo crashed on me today which shut down my headset to just the orange light of death and in the heat of the moment I reinstalled the Oculus software without thinking about my saved games.Is anybody able to provide a saved game file for Lone Ech...

Arizona Sunshine User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Battle Zone error

How do I get Battle Zone to run on the rift. If I run it from within the rift library I just get an error code and a message that someone is working hard to fix it. Does that mean the online server it connects to is down?

Duck season VR gameplay playthrough of the new game duck season. This game is pretty awesome especially if you are a kid of the 90s and remember playing duck hunt on the old Nintendo. But this one has a twist to it lol

How do you play multiplayer?

I'm new to the concept of multiplayer – I never participated in it until I got my CV1 - so forgive me for any ignorance as to how it works, but I am curious as to how people use it. Please participate in the following poll so I can tell whether my at...

Onward Free Weekend!

You can play Onward until Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. A good time for anyone to try it free. I think it is one of the best VR experiences currently available.

Robo Recall will not start

Just got the rift just so I could play Robo Recall. Other games seem to work. When I try to start Robo Recall from my library, a unreal window opens for less then a second, then disappears. No error message of any kind.-Uninstalled and reinstalled-Re...

The Lab sound issue

Hi just thought i would try the Lab on steam but i cant get sound to work from rift , i have set up sound on steam to go from Rift but it changes nothing and stays on PC speakers.

LA Noire The VR Case Files for HTC Vive

Rockstar Games has just announced new versions of its detective thriller LA Noire for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch (releasing November 14th 2017). Alongside these three new console versions, they are taking their first steps into virtual reality with L.A...

Removing a App or Game from the Library (Not Installed)

Hi, after trying all the FREE apps and games some now just fill up the (Not Installed) list.I therefor now have a hard time finding my new games and stuff i buy on the list.I would really like to just delete / remove things from this list completely.

Geslau by Level 2
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Tombraider 2 demo in VR a shortcut to the exe and add -vr in properties (exe -vr)The menus don't work but the game runs fine on the Rift and Vive I was told about this on another forum (thanks huxley if you happen to post here), i have not m...

Can anybody share a Mage's Tale save file? :(

I found out the hard way that Oculus does not store game save in the cloud (wtf!) and I was playing the Mage's Tale. I was at the point where you need to put some items into some kind of statue or something right before you are shown where your maste...

kuhne by Level 3
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Arizona Sunshine -- Can't position myself right

Hello all,Just bought this game and, no matter what I do, I always end up spawning in the middle of the floor in the starting room. Tried doing the entire Oculus set-up again, tried resetting my position in-game with the controller. Nothing seems to ...

gapper4 by Level 3
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