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dead and burried

any body else find it take ages or no luck at all to get a game in dead and burried, apart from the juddering and sound issues,

Quitting oculus home....

Well, after much reading of this forum, I see that I have no choice but to quit using oculus home to buy my games and buy all my games on steam. The reason is that I have filled up my 500 GB c: drive with VR games, bought another drive for extra spac...

lepter by Level 4
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Dirt rally

I purchased dirt rally from oculus store and currently unable to install it. I purchased lone echo before and have successfully installed and beat the game and it was an experience, i feel like i am now space survival and 0g movement certified. Dirt ...

Dead Effects 2 - on Steam for £12.99

Hi everybody, thought I'd let you guys know this game is on offer, I'm going to get it tonight. Everybody was saying on here before that it's a great game and it's got rave reviews on steam and full touch support:

Next Dual Champions set preview!

The next set of Dual Champions in order of release! December's High Command contest winners (High Command Top 10 at the end of December) will receive FIRES OF THE EARTH! Work hard!

HELP my games wont show!!

I have recently bought a fairly new second hand rift & touch and it came with Luckys tale, Echo Arena, and V spatial. i have many steam games so i thought i would check out the oculus store. so i download a few free games and what happens is i get to...

Unable to activate Star Trek Bridge Crew

I bought the game over at Ubisoft store and it won't let me activate the game on the Oculus App. Says something about "Unknown error when redeeming activation key".Also, it's strange that the game is no where to be found on Oculus Rift Store??? The g...

Project Cars

Bought Project Cars from the Oculus website last night and when we tried to play it, the game showed up on the monitor but wouldn't show up on the headset. All Project Cars settings seemed good. Games played after were fine.Has anyone experienced or ...

War Robots VR: The Skirmish = Gunjack on legs

Spoiler alert : I SUGGEST TRYING THE DEMO INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE VIDEO.What VR hasn't nailed yet is First Person locomotion : Thumbstick based free locomotion isn't that great and teleportation is totally immersion breaking which makes it ten times ...

Rift and TV signal

Hi all is there any chance that my Oculus rift could be affecting my TV signal, I was playing project cars 2 this morning and the wife complained that the tv signal in the living room was becoming very erratic and breaking up then going off altogethe...

Oops01 by Level 4
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Stuck in Chronos - bug? - spoiler inside...

Hi!I've just killed the Pan priestess and her two acolytes. I got the staff, but I unfortunately disassembled it directly I'm guessing I was supposed to use it on the door which shines a light when you're in the circle in front or it (same room wher...

FixB by Level 2
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Onward and Oculus Home

Why can't I start Onward from Oculus Home? I bought this game over a year ago on Steam, I didn't buy it again on OH. Onward shows up in Oculus Home anyway like some of my other steam games. I would like to see how it plays through OH. I have a 7 year...

DiRT Rally - can I play without gamepad?

Is it possible to run DiRT Rally with JUST a driving wheel? I don't have a gamepad and wasn't going to buy one, but I don't want to get stuck in some pre-game menu waiting for my gamepad to connect.

jiggets by Level 2
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DiRT Rally User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Nexflix can not open

I can not open netflix in 2 days recently. Any want have the same situation and can fix it. I want to deregister monthly subcriber but can not open it.Thank yoi

Robo Recall Auto-Save

Hello!Does Robo Recall auto save? I completed the first two missions then close the Rift software. I came back to see all the slots empty and asking me to make a new game. This doesn't really bother me, since I love this game (probably my favourite s...

Robo Recall Global Leaderboard - All records broken

1-1: Batch Recall 1-1: Batch Recall - All Star Mode 1-2: Short Circuit1-2: Short Circuit - All Star Mode1-3: Showdown1-3: Showdown - All Star Mode2-1: Robo Rabble2-1: Robo Rabble - All Star Mode2-2: Diagnostics2-2: Diagnostics - All Star Mode2-3: A N...