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Marvel Powers United Shutting Down

“We recommend that you delete the game prior to March 1, 2021 to avoid dead space taken up on your device,” the supposed email concludes. The game did have a single-player mode, but it only activated if you couldn’t find people online and replaced th...

MowTin by Level 11
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Cancel a refund request

I have request for a refund request within 10 minutes of my purchase, as I realised I prefer to get the bundle package which is of better value, however it has been 2 days, my request status has not been changed at all. Now I would like to request fo...

Creed rise glory pvp mode problem

I play Creed and get disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes I can't find a match and I lose it. It is caused by something, the game, the headset or the router.How can I solve this problem?pls someone helpme

Wilson's Hart first key

I'm using a Rift S I'm at the very start in the bathroom. I have watched the video of the key being put in the outline. It goes right in. I have tried with my right and left hand turning the key so the blade is lined up with the outline and also the ...

DTH by Level 7
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Minecraft Update

I bought minecraft through the oculus app. I had to install the Xbox app and connect my windows account to work. It worked and I was playing for a few days. Today Windows made an update and now minecfat asks for the update installs the game on my pc ...

The Official Phantom: Covert Ops Q&A Thread

I think it may be a good idea to have all the questions, problems and solution in a single thread.This is really for problems relating to running or purchasing the game but could also be questions relating to achieving goals if you're really stuck......

Invalid ZIP code? Help?

I am trying to buy Walking Dead Saints and Sinners on the store, but every time I enter my info I get an error message saying "invalid ZIP code" even though I'm typing it in correctly. Zip code is 94525, but no matter what I do it still refuses to wo...

Anti Aliasing

hi quite new to vr/oculus been using my quest 2 with a link cable. iv had trouble with few game being a bit laggy so tried messing with some setting within quest 2 while linked up. go to setting and then graphics where it says about anti aliasing and...

In Death: Don't Drop the Soap

This thread will be used for general discussion of the game, as well as references to the latest updates. A patch went out today to help with game balance (and it needed it, this game is mighty hard). I rated this 4 out of 5 stars on the Oculus Revie...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Oculus Move: Request to Developers

Hi, is there any chance that you can add TOTAL time inside an app and not just Move time. This way it will be easier to know how many EXTRA calories are burned.E.g. If I play Pistol Whip for 20 minutes and burn 40 calories, but my Move time is 10 min...

Skybox VR vs Pigasus VR

Just got my Quest 2 and I'm thinking about getting a media player app to watch movies. It looks like the two most popular media player apps are Skybox and Pigasus. I searched and have not found a direct comparison between them or why Skybox costs mor...

VJSA by Level 3
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Beat Saber multi player

Hello, I have 2 Quest 2 headsets on a single account and cannot seam to connect both to at the same time to a Beats multi-player room to play head to head. Both will connect to different multi player games as the same time, just not to the same event...

Myst and Rift S

Anyone head if Myst will come out for the Rift S? and a date. If not I spend most of my time in Steam VR and will get it there.

DTH by Level 7
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How to claim Asgard Wrath free?

Hi,I bought a Q2 a few weeks ago (begin of november). I just saw the commotion Asgard Wrath for free and they extended this promotion until end of Januari now.I can't figure out how to claim it though, I activated the link, tried several free apps/ga...