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Crashland needs a sequel!

NEEDS A SEQUEL, or a $10 expansion! Yesterday! App Library needs a broom! App Lab needs Tokens! Boot tutorials need a Skip button, I can only hate you so much, or can I?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Uninstalled apps showed up in library

Uninstalled apps and demo showed up in App Library. How to remove permanently. Do not want to filter to show installed games. Because when I turn on Quest 2, it default show All the apps in the library including the uninstalled one. Getting irritatin...

pc headset

i installed the oculs ap on my pc and now my headset /mic says it is an oculus headset an i cant get no audio or voice off my headset/mic it is a 2 plug headset have did the toruble shoot on my pc to trouble shoot an did what it asked an still nothin...

Beat Saber OST V Scoring vs Ranking Bug Report

I think there is a difference between the running game and final results scoring vs ranking expectation when it comes to OST V tracks because I can score over 90% of points and have SS Rank showing, but on results screen, it will still give S Rank ev...


It's been nearly a month since my refund request for Onward VR was accepted. When it was accepted more money was taken away from me. This is not my first forum post and me and my mom who's card I used for the purchase have sent multiple emails and st...

SiluVR by Level 2
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Oculus Refund

Oculus refund Support is awesome they sent me a refund and said it will take 2-5 days but it took 5 minutes how awesome. They should get a raise of how hard they work to get there customers happy and proud. Also if an employee cannot refund or unable...

Tooie_ by Level 2
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Resolved! Sync issue

Hello,I got the Oculus Quest 2 recently and I noticed that the apps and games I downloaded with the mobile app don't appear in the list of my apps in the PC app and vice versa. Moreover, the PC app allows me to download an app I have already download...

Max1433 by Level 3
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Asgard Wrath - need help with magic axe training?

Hey gang,So I have made it through Stormborn Battlefield, and have now just acquired the Magic Axe at The Gatehouse. I am sent to the range with Loki for training/practice.Here is where I get totally stuck. I throw the three at the target, then appar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Trouble with Flow weaver

I have played twice and watched all the walk through videos I can and at the end both times I cannot get the metal to turn into the mirror? Is this a glitch in my game? I have used control weather, meditate and tried to grab all the action bubbles…. ...

Horizon Workrooms, no one can hear me

I'm sure it's something I am doing, but I have tried for months to hold meetings where people that join the meeting are joining from PC's and they cannot hear me. They see me, I see them, they hear me, but they cannot hear me. The MIC is not muted in...

Myst won't reopen...

Hi...I purchased and installed Myst and was able to play it for about an hour. Now when I go back to try and play it again it won't open. The app opens, I get the menu, but if I try to click on one of the options (New Game, Saved, etc) nothing happen...

VoBux45 by Level 2
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Horizon worlds

Hey I am having trouble with installing horizon worlds. It won’t let me install all it says is favourite. I am on quest 2 and live in the uk. I have reset my headset tried it through air link also on oculus app/website it still says the same thing.

19DRC93 by Level 2
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Hi, I would like someone reply to me I've Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 which is bad I know I play ROBLOX and I really want play on my oculus quest 2 in it but isn't compatible graphic card I understand that even I tried airlink my Wifi is fast isn't wor...

Marvel games

Hi, I'm 9 years old and a big Marvel fan. I would like to know if there are any upcoming Marvel games for the Quest 2, and if not, why? I *really* want to play Marvel games in VR! Linus

Resolved! PokerStars won't install

I have a problem: being a new user of a VR headset (Oculus Quest 2 for my part), I installed the free games and in particular PokerStars VR. The only thing is, the installation does not finish and I cannot cancel it, update it or install other games ...

Horizon Worlds: looking to collaborate

In Horizon Worlds, add a new mode like world hop where you can auto arrange to do stuffs with complete strangers.Either instant group up and make random world with strangers, or published world owner can invite random people to give temp editor sessi...

Seqeq by Level 2
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Resolved! Games and app will not install on oculus app

For 2 months now the oculus app will not let me download anything from the store. A notification pops up and says "(game) couldn't download. please check your internet connection and try again, or visit Oculus Support". But i have an internet connect...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lone Echo [bug] - Respawn at primay dig site

When respawning at the primary dig site, by head was a few feet over the handle bar making it very hard to see and reach.Video at 9m40s and 12m18s when the bug happenned (warning: spoilers!)

KNP54 by Level 7
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Lone Echo respawn problem

Hello,When i respawn after a shield depleted event (doesn't seem to matter where), sometimes my character is above the "robot cage" so i have no way to pull the lever to release my body. It's a bit annoying since i have to reload my last save when it...

reptai by Level 2
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Game suggestion?

Hi. I've been playing the shooter game in First Step and would love something similar that I don't have to go thru the tutorial each time. I have no interest in shooting human targets. Suggestions? Thanks.

Resident Evil 4 Sight Alignment

The laser is adequate. But, the guns have some well modeled sights... which do not shoot straight. Why have an option to turn off the laser if guns still shoot where the laser would point?Please adjust the weapons so that the sights match the laser, ...


Hi Everybody, I'm Tony from Blackant Master Studio !For the next update of my game CinemApocalypse, i'm looking for beta testers to check if everything is working nice or if there will need some reviews.So I require volunteers to test the game and an...

Titre CinemApocalypse.png