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Wander hangs at Follow on Quest2

Hi all, two Quest2 (64 and 256GB) are doing well in the same Wander Room and same location until one Follows the other, when both get three-dots forever, apart from occasionally flashing the scene. These are on the same WiFi network, that's required....

Face Your Fears Fatal Error

I had bought the Face your Fears app on the Gear vr in my wee vr days, and now I've got a better setup and noticed it was free on the store. I know it's a smaller selection of levels, that's fine, but it's a great way to mess with friends and introdu...

Resolved! Gun Club VR

When your in the Allies shooting ranges, how to collect intel? I selected a sniper rifle and on the allies section clicked on the rifle and clicked start. When the next screen pops up there is a note at the top that says to complete the mission you w...

Saving in Climb 2

How do I save in Climb 2, so if I quit a session, I don't have to restart a climb from the beginning.

Oculus Store Cross Purchases Issue

I bought Beat Saber on my oculus quest as well as Saints and Sinners, and Population one. I wanted to play those games with oculus link but when I went to the store to download them it said that I didn't own beat saber even though I paid full price f...

Lost game progress

Is there a way to retrieve accidentally lost game progress? My youngest son accidentally deleted my oldest sons game progress on his account. thanks in advance.

Lone echo II

Hey Oculus / Facebook, we're still waiting for this game to come out, any news out there?

App Shareing

Hi All, I have had to return my OCULUS Quest 2 for a refund and have now purchased a new one. before returning I did a factory reset on the old unit . and now with the New Quest 2 I cant App share . I then tried to remote data wipe and this does not ...

Upgrading to 256GB

Can I move my purchased games from my 64GB Quest2 to a new 256GB Quest2 then remove all from original to give to someone else to start their own account?

Problème d’ouverture jeu star Wars

Bonjour j ai acheté le jeu Star W. Et impossible de lancer le jeu après avoir configuré les paramètres du joueur. Le jeu se remet à chaque fois aux paramètres du joueur.j ai désinstallé, réinstallé.quelqu’un a t il rencontré ce problème ou a une solu...

Vicmat by Level 2
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Superhot Makes Me Start Over?

In the computer room when asked to put the disc in my head (mouth?) I end up at the beginning of the game. This has happened twice, so I'm assuming it's meant to be.... Just can't figure out how to keep this from happening. Maybe a hint? Or is someth...

Best paintball glitch ever! (Immortality!!!)

I'm still learning and having fun with my newest gaming system (Oculus Quest 2) and while I was playing paintball, I noticed that I couldn't die no matter how many times I got shot. I captured the flag several times and had a blast. Hey, I'm not a ki...

Mashy68 by Level 2
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Warplanes: WW1 Fighters - surprisingly awesome!

A few days ago this game arrived in the Rift Store and on Steam. On Steam there's a playable demo, but I don't know if it supports native Oculus drivers. Rift Store:

ss_811b38f94eb7e016d775d48b2f8d3ea83c4a488d_1920x1080.jpg ss_8879394cf91f7347364022acbe0fc5e2d5ba9383_1920x1080.jpg ss_ae092a69b2c8f1652ee8daa5abd9ec58997300bd_1920x1080.jpg ss_e76893326c54ab1ff3b25a7cecb93682926f45b9_1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge on Rift S?

Question is in the title.Will Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge be released on the Rift S at some stage for those staying with PCVR? Vader Immortal was an amazing experience and the main reason I purchased the Rift S besides flight simulators. ...

Azref by Level 3
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Beat Saber Quest Leaderboard Cheating

After months of exhausting practice, I've come to realise that some people are cheating the Beat Saber leaderboards on the Quest. Now before you make the assumption that I'm just salty because I'm not that good at Beat Saber, I have some of the top s...

The Climb 2 - Cant reach waypoint podests

Hey guys,Just started climb 2, what a great experience. Did the tutorial. To climb on Podest grab with both hands and pull down to climb on the podest. In the tutorial is it fine but in Canyons im Just glitching on and off the podest. Do you encounte...

I can't find relumino app

I installed the latest Oculus App in my smartphone samsung s6 edge and in that I can't able to find the Relumino app to install. Can someone help me to find the app. Your help is much appreciated.


Having trouble shooting the sword. Can anyone tell me how to do that Consistently?

Resolved! Oculus is opening when I launch my games.

So I need some help I have an oculus quest and the app is loading even when I launch games that aren't even VR like among us and roblox, The worst part is when I close the app it closes the game too (roblox and among us) and EVERY SINGLE one of my ot...