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90's vr games ?

We really need some 90's vr games for the rift. if some company can release old Atari 2600 games for PC I am sure it wouldn't be to hard to release some old virtuality games for the rift and vive. i still remember paying $5 to play Dactyl Nightmare.

jim1174 by Level 4
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I got a great idea for a game like Dead and Buried!!

If you have played Rising Storm 2 you would know how commander works. You can call stuff in like air strikes, artillery, recon, napalm, etc. If you have played World in Conflict you know that game is mainly about what you pick and the fire support yo...

Metaworld (MMO)

Just curious if people here know about this, it doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, but it looks like it could be good. Personally I'm not much for MMOs, but I really like the concept of this, it's got decent physics and that opens up for a lot o...

Modelling in VR and on your desktop using Verto Studio VR

This modelling program launched yesterday on Steam. Its stand out feature is that you can jump between modeling in VR and desktop modeling on your PC.The intro price of £15 seemed very reasonable, so I have downloaded the software and will have a pla...

AGL1 by Level 4
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Best Flying Game For VR w/controller?

I know someone already made a thread about best flying game for "daddy" but what about most practical flying game. I've just downloaded DCS World for the Vive and FFS what a load of croc (even if it appears to be a cool game for free). Press Alt L to...

Star Tek: Single Player Aegis Campaign

Hey gang, I thought I might start a thread for the Single Player folks amongst us - or maybe I am about the only one LOL. Anyway I am enjoying the game so far. Made it through all the training segments, then deployed on the Aegis Single Player Campai...

dburne by Level 15
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Video app with Loop, Startup via Windows ????

Hi, is anyone now better option to play video 360 on Oculus Rift, then Virtual desktop player, i need very simple Video start and loop ! im using it for showing short 5 minutes movie, but Virtual desktop crashes every 30 minutes.

monnte by Level 2
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if u havnt checked it out for vr omg its awesome lolcontroller and u can use headset targeting 1st game i didnt wanna die playing a 6 hour sesh

Bridge Crew - Infinite Warp

Anyone else had this and know a workaround; I was in a cross platform game of Bridge Crew and when we hit warp we never came out again. Re-started mission, same result. Went back to briefing room and swapped positions, started a different mission, wh...

Star trek bridge crew

Is there anyway to raise the height of the consoles? Trying to play in an Ikea chair (you know the one) and the consoles are a little too low and some buttons are hard to reach. I tryed to reset view but that doesn't help.

Designer or apartment layout

There is my apartment project in dvg format (AutoCAD program) I want to transfer it to the oclus maybe this and how to do it? Or is there something like that where to size in terms of accuracy and transfer? To move there and make furniture, advise th...

bodua by Level 2
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does any know how to fix robo recall loading crash

I am having a problem with robo recall. I'd downloaded the game and it work fine the first time i'd played it. and a few times after that. but one day it would not fully load. it would start to load and give me it taking awhile to load and keep loadi...

Sean104 by Level 2
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Conquest Mode Postponed-- Details

Hi Dragon Front players, I'm very sorry to have to report that the Conquest story mode update has to be postponed. We encountered an issue affecting the Gear VR version of the game, and we are not comfortable releasing it in its current state just to...

BlazeRush not working?

Hello anyone having this issue? I was able to play Blazerush over the weekend when it was free, then i purchased it today to play, and the app won't even load, or close. My oculus stays on the "Sorry, but this app is taking too long to load..." and w...

Just bought Landfall, it won't even launch

I already tried going through customer support and they have been trying to help me, did plenty of troubleshooting before I even opened the ticket and I already sent all the logs to them, still waiting for their reply. In the meantime I'll see if any...

kuhne by Level 3
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Andy's Fav VR Games - so far.

I've been gaming for well over 30 years which I guess makes me a midlife gamer. I love my hobby/addiction. I know, I know! Who gives a monkey's, about what I think. But I am going to post anyway.Top Draw VR:Elite DangerousRobo RecallDirt RallyGoogle ...