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1) For multiplayer, do you have to know people or will it match you up automatically?2) If you can queue up for the game can you preset which role you want to play? For example if you don't want to be Captain but want to just be Helmsman or whatever ...

Dimensional: WOW! How much presence?

Sorry if this is old news. But the game is on sale and I was completely suprised by it.I now have two or three dozen games on my account and then some on Steam. This game is now included on my demonstation list for VR noobs.It's genius!

Monstrum For GearVR

I think Monstrum would be a great addition to the library for games to play on the Samsung Gear VR. Any idea if it will ever be available on there?

paranormal activity

Anyone played this yet? I cant find the flashlight. I looked at a youtuibe vid and it shows the guy has the flashlight before he even enters the house??

How to stop a download

I have been setting up my oculus acct and the Ocean Rift has been installing for over an hour. How do i stop it? I think there is a problem. I want to try again another time.

in game resolution?

what are we supposed to set in game resolution at?rF2,dirt rally,AC etc etcNone have 2160x1200 or 1080x1200quite often if I set it to anything other than my default monitor resolution 1360x768 the image in the rift doesn't 'align' properly.i.eif I se...

Dead Effect 2 on Steam

I know its tough to separate the wheat from the chaff on Steam but I'm surprised I don't see more people talking about this one. If you've got a 3 sensor 360 setup you owe it to yourself to try this game. Its on the cheaper side ($20), and works fabu...

Ok, who else has lost interest in games completely??

I have literally got no interest in playing games atm. If I was to play a game, it would be Ori and The Blind Forest. I have completeted that game 6 times now and I really enjoy it.Anyone got a game that I may be interested in. I like platformers and...

Killing Floor Incursion

Hello everyone,Of all the games coming out killing floor Incursion is by far the one I am waiting for. I have played well over 500 hours of killing floor 2 with family and friends. It is so much fun working as a team to survive in that game. Killing ...

VIDEO | Toy Plane Heroes + GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY ENDED! developers have kindly gave me a spare Steam key to giveaway!To Enter, simply like the video and leave a comment in the VIDEO's description. I will pick a winner at random in 2 days! Good ...

Ripcoil. Okay, I hate to admit this, but

What they heck am I supposed to do in this game? I boot up practice? Okay, there's a disc. I fling it down at the pit. Nope, it won't go down. I throw it up at what looks like a goal. Nope, it won't go up. I try to catch it as it comes back. It goes ...

Taking on giant beasts in Titan Slayer VR! If you don't want to watch the video, that's cool. Here's a summary;Titan Slayer is available on Steam and Oculus for £9.99. Developed by Colopl, who provided a key for this review.The game is a hack n slash n shoot advent...

Is Oculus Rift dead?

Every new big AAA-announcement (Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, Fallout VR, Star Wars Battlefront 2 VR...) will be released for HTC Vive and/or Sony PlayStation VR but NOT for Oculus Rift! Even tons of new Indie- and early access games are released daily on Ste...

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Payday 2 is FREE right now on Steam!

VR support is coming soon for this game so grab a free copy on Steam right now: is limited to the first 5 million people, so get on it.

download time out

I have been having difficulties trying to downloading what I purchase. as soon as its close to being downloaded it times out and doesn't move at all. Then i try to cancel and re install but same thing happens. any ideas?

Game unplayable after patch

I use a galaxy s7 edge and gear vr. I used to play this a lot before the factions were unlocked and loved it. I updated last night and now the audio stutters with or without headphones and my phone is overheating before i can finish one game. Is ther...

From Other Suns

Wow!! As a big FTL fan, this certainly looks promising!   Hope they will pull this of, it have the potential of being amazing!!